Author Topic: TiTiTo-5.0.alpha4 released  (Read 85 times)

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TiTiTo-5.0.alpha4 released
« on: May 07, 2017, 03:22:44 AM »
I released a new TiTiTo version.

Get Windows version:
Get Linux version: * see below
Get Mac version: * see below

* I can compile native Linux and Mac versions. Please test the windows version first; You can run it with Wine ( ) and CrossOver ( ) under Linux and Mac OS. I also got feedback Wineskin ( ) work fine. So maybe other Wine derivatives will run also (like WineBottler ).  I will compile Linux and Mac Version as soon as TiTiTo fits your needs. Just contact me.

- improved html if you use "repeat names"
- hide teachers in get teacher for substitution dialog similar to schedule supervision
- new search dialog (find changed/unchanged substitution)
- small speedups in get teachers for substitution dialog
- bring forward hours ignore by default activities without students and supervision now. (can be turned on again)
- schedule supervision has got 2 new options (same building on both sides. same building and free)
- all dialogs with a timetable combobox: now the latest timetable is always preselected (instead of the first one)
- teachers statistic can print all activities, without supervision and supervision only
- fixed statistic counting if an amendment is set while the default activity is canceled
- display same starting time id in get teachers for substitution
- display same starting time id in get rooms for substitution
- speedup get teachers for substitution
- optimized print supervision table
- optimized id of activities if you split activities automatically
- inactive activities will be skipped by default if you import a timetable
- fixed a crash bug: printing and export of timetable crashed if there are less then 10 teachers in the dataset
- print and export from a specific hour up to an other hour
- display activity id of team teaching activities in get teachers for substitution
- display students names in get teachers for substitution
- fixed a bug while exporting timetables
- inactive not available times are skiped while importing now
- bug fix in move teacher in get teacher for substitutation
- updated Arabic translation