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Report a Bug / assertion failed
« Last post by Zsolt Udvari on Today at 05:40:36 AM »
I open a new activity dialog. I fill the form: without students set and set the number of students.
When I click Add a confirmation dialog appears and when I confirm it, FET exits:
Code: [Select]
Assertion failed: (_nTotalStudents==_computedNumberOfStudents), function Activity, file engine/activity.cpp, line 212.                             
FET version 5.31.5.
Report Test Results / Re: 5.32.1 crash
« Last post by Liviu Lalescu on Today at 05:05:38 AM »
I tried on my Windows 7 and openSuse GNU/Linux and everything is OK. Try to find an exact way to get a crash and let me know.
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Suggestions / Re: Tag constraints
« Last post by Zsolt Udvari on Today at 03:26:50 AM »
in my opinion weight with less than 100% should be disallowed at all.
it is a nice feature if the timetable is easy, because it is working well than and you don't need to understand much to use that.
but if you have got difficult timetables with weight less than 100% is much to much waste of time. You don't understand your dataset perfect and add to many bugs by that and must wait much longer for a solution; but waiting longer for a solution if your dataset is already difficult doesn't help much.
Hm. So do you say should I add 100% weighted time constraints to some (not all!) subactivities? I think maybe you've right because FET can try impossible (not 100% weighted) constraints many times (depends on weight) and maybe for each subactivities! And user doesn't know why takes too long...
I'll try your suggestion.
Report Test Results / Re: 5.32.1 crash
« Last post by Davide Cottignoli on Today at 01:29:18 AM »
Yes it's probable, when it happened I was resizing columns with the control that show pixel number.
I had compiled Fet from source with my Mac.

My QT source version is 5.7.0 maybe I will update to the last version.

Report Test Results / Re: 5.32.1 crash
« Last post by Liviu Lalescu on Today at 01:00:34 AM »
I had a look in your logs. I don't know what happens, but it might be a Qt problem. Please tell me when does it crash? More details, if possible.

Maybe you can try to recompile FET from scratch.
Suggestions / Re: FET-5.32.0 new feature also for 'rooms'
« Last post by sigit_yuwono on July 24, 2017, 08:00:33 PM »
Thanks for the newest version; the room occupancy now is very clear. So that, it is easier to accommodate or reject request from colleagues who want to move their schedule.
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