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V Salai Selvam  27/08/09   15:02:31 Date
Message Excellent! I am working as an Assistant Professor & Head in a Private Engineering College in Chennai, India. The tool is really extremely wonderful creation. Please keep updating it and mail me if there is any new update. I wolud like to donate. How? Please mail me regarding this.

Yush Yuen  27/05/09   20:04:28 Date
Message Definitely the most powerful timetabling software out there. Our school has extremely complex requirement, and FET is the only program, free or not, that can produce a solution.

ΘΕΟΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΙΩΑ  27/05/09   18:10:13 Date

Bruno Barata  13/08/09   02:28:52 Date
Message Congratulations Liviu!! The Fet is a better program for the Timetabling problems!! I´m using it since 2008 and will use in my Final Project on Graduation! And a translation for Portuguese, is possible??

Luke Lin  20/07/09   08:09:12 Date
Message We are from XJTLU, we use it to schedule univerity courses.

سعيد  22/05/09   15:36:23 Date
Message شكراً على البرنامج
واتمنى لكم التقدم
وانا مستعد لخدمة المصادر المفتوحه بالتعريب والاقتراحات
وفقكم الله

JASPAL VISHWAKARMA  05/05/09   05:27:48 Date
Message Software provides excellent result. Only one area we are unabel to handle is substitution period. Do the software has the facility ? How to use ?

Girish Belkar  29/04/09   07:36:09 Date
Message Wonderfull software. Could'nt find better software. If you can provide facility for substitution/ arrangements of absent teacher, that woluld be nice

Jerry  23/03/09   17:41:17 Date
Message Glad to finally see an open source project for this. As a college student I always had issues with scheduling, thinking there would be a program to help, but hadn't considered the other side as much, except for advising other students.
Hoping to spend more time on this for a project.

Raymond Seow  09/03/09   09:51:04 Date
Message I happened to search this free program. Thanks to the author and all other contributors. I have used it to generate my school time table for 66 teachers, with various constrains. The program is friendly in the sense that it is easy to modify the entries, and also to add similar entries/constrains. I got my time table in slightly more than 3 mins. Many thanks again.

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