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S.UDHAYA KUMAR  09/06/13   02:45:41 Date
Message I am in INDIA. I used this FET for framing Time Table for 32 Teachers and 1008 students. Before i got the FET i spent 10 or more days to frame the Time table with lot if difficulties. Now i feel very happy and it requires just 2 to 3 hours to frame the time table using your FET program.
Thank you and your team for great efforts.

Shailesh Sharma  31/05/13   03:09:51 Date
Message One of the best program ever to make a time table. Sir u should develop a programm by which we can find substitutions probables in case some teachers are absent or on leave. Thanks to your entire team.

samuel njeru  21/04/13   17:13:16 Date
Message Thanks for nice program. I am right now keying in data for my school, I expect to produce a nice timetable.
I have a challage of creating two double lessons. Suppose a teacher has five lessons a week and I want to split to three periods, two duration 2 and one duration 1. Sometimes I gives me five lessons, 2/5, 2/5 and 1/5, but sometimes it fails completely and gives me 2/4,1/4,1/4. What is the problem?

teemtaro Visit teemtaro's homepage  08/04/13   10:49:09 Date
Message i'm a teacher from THAILAND. my school has 45 teachers and 720 students. i use this software to make timetable for this year. it works great. i love it so much.

ibrahim ragab  15/03/13   01:06:46 Date
Message very good program , from very good man
thanks very much

Marvin Visit Marvin's homepage  18/02/13   20:23:17 Date
Message so far, so good!

Robert Visit Robert's homepage  13/11/12   11:42:00 Date
Message You've created an awesome piece of software! Really helpful stuff.

jorge figueiredo  28/08/12   10:22:27 Date
Message why doesn't it run after downloading the actualization file on LINUX / UBUNTU ?

why the actualization do not install automatic??

what's the last version of FET for linux-ubuntu??

rjmillett  23/06/12   06:55:44 Date
Message thanks a million for FET there are many things i would like to have in FET

1. when adding activities there should be a choice list similar to the new print option now included in 5.18

to add multiple classes (sub-groups) with the same choice of periods and teacher in one click i.e. all same

2. there should be a similar option in the preview to choose a class and teacher preview both at the same time so as to make changes without having to go back and every time i.e. side by side view at one time click in drop down box

3. to right click in the preview and change the position ot LT or PLT activities and not having to go back every time to time > all > search > etc to make changes

4. print preview choice button on main panel

5. un/lock buton on main panel

6. an import and export to EXCEL or txt other than CSV file

7. print option of teachers statistics on preview not from HTML

Subin  02/03/12   19:42:18 Date
Message Hello,
I would like to use the import teacher, course, activity csv file functionality, however I cannot fine the format definition anywhere. Do you know where to find it?

Here is the menu i am talking about
File>import>comma separated values> import subject from csv file

Thank you very much

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