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Jason  04/08/10   11:28:59 Date
Message Ask for new feature:

- Auto generated after allow user to manual adjust timetable (Drag and Drop in view timetable)

Joseph Coelho  04/08/10   03:15:56 Date
Message Thanks for the great contribution. I have been using FET for 2 years and have found it excellent. May God Bless you and all who contribute to this venture.

Waqas A. Khan  01/08/10   03:37:43 Date
Message Wonderfull!!!!
Atleast someone in this world is working to serve humanity without any cost. I really appreciate it. My organization National Education Council Pakistan and my chain of schools and colleges "Hazara Public School & College" extends their full support to you in this regard.

Anwarul Alam  27/07/10   16:44:46 Date
Message found time-tabling software excellent, but how to get a quick print-out?

Anees-Ur-Rehman  29/06/10   11:45:23 Date
Message In The Name of Allah Who is most benifit and most merciful.


i use this softwar i find it excellent, greatfulll and wonerfull.it help me in my work.

V Salai Selvam  14/06/10   12:03:40 Date
Message Once again it's me! This software is really wonderful, great, magnificent, marvelous, ... find hard to find a right word to describe my joy of using this software.

Love & Regards to Creators, V Salai Selvam, Professor & Head, Department of ECE, Sriram Engineering College, Chennai, India - 602024. Ph.9444272256

Miroslav R. Maričić  11/05/10   10:26:35 Date
Message Ima li šanse da se meniji i helpovi prevedu na srpski/hrvatski/bosanski/crnogorski itsl.
Bilo bi to super za veliki broj korisnika sa ovih prostora.

Samuel Negusse  03/05/10   06:17:26 Date
Message I have been using FET for around 5 semesters to schedule classes and exams here at Hamelmalo Agricultural College. The whole college is indebted to this 'magical' software. especially the data import and export functions have made things very very effective.... Thank you.

Arul Francis  13/04/10   08:34:14 Date
Message I am a principal of St. Francis De Sales Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Alangayam. I happened to come across this software by surfing the net. Since then my work is made simple, easy and quick. It is excellent software. I am very thankful to the author for being extraordinarily clever in writing this program. Please continue the good work.

Krerkkul  23/03/10   07:34:43 Date
Message I'm a teacher in thailand.
I very excite about FET. This software is look good.
Now I try to generate many times but it's not complete. I try another try.

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