Started by YOUSSEF HOUIET, June 14, 2020, 01:28:29 AM

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in fet mapr file;
What does Mapr_Use_Equivalence_Classes mean?

Volker Dirr

If i remeber correct:
let's save a student choose subject S.
But there are 2 activities/groups with subject S.
For example activity A1 with teacher T1 and Subject S; also activity A2 with teacher T2 and Subject S.
Both activities are split and into 2 sub activities.
So if a Student get first subactivity A1, then he can't get second subactivity A2. He must get second subactivity A1.

Liviu Lalescu

It is very hard for me to remember. I think it is this:

"There is also implemented a feature to allow generating the timetable for semesters or quarters, so that the activities retain the same students, hour, day and FET room (real teacher). This feature is hidden in the .fet XML file, is not implemented in the GUI (at least for the moment). Please see the file example-mapr-2.fet for an example on how this should look like. Note: this file has added only the equivalence classes for students' activities. It is very important to add also the equivalence classes for the activities of the teachers, so that all activities have specified an equivalence class."

I think you don't need it.

Please try not to use FET-mapr, it is old and bad. We need to use recent FET, using other tricks.