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I think teachers or students activity tag max hours continuously.
Hello, Victor,

Thank you for the appreciation and kind intentions!
Hello, Victor,

I have a personal request, if I may: (only) if my work proves useful, please consider recommending your institution financial help for FET. It is the only way this project gets funded.

You are welcome, and also thank you!
Hello, Victor,

I think I did it correctly. Please get the custom version from here:

Please let me know.
Hello, Victor,

OK then, I will work on your current file. I am confident it is possible in a short time, stay tuned.
Hello, Victor,

I found some possible problems in your file. They allow me to work, but I am not sure they are OK for you. Also they might be the reason why your new file solves so easily/fast: I think you need to update the constraints teacher/students set not available times. Also, please check if you need to update the constraints max days between activities (I think not, they care about real days).
I will write you hopefully soon, Victor! :)
Hi, Victor,

It seems OK.

I see that this file solves much faster than your previous file. I will now try to make you the customization of teacher min gaps between ordered pair of activity tags, so that it will take care also from FET day 1 to FET day 2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12.
Hello, Victor,

Max gaps between single building - I think it is impossible.

File received. But unfortunately I think it is wrong - you did not understand correctly the Mornings-Afternoons approach. It is more complicated in your case - maybe you need to make 3*6 FET days per week and I am not sure Mornings-Afternoons will work. Maybe an Official mode with 3*6 FET days per week will work. I also don't understand why you added the subjects like that, and the activities, not split as subactivities.

Also, a FET day should have only 6 hours.
Hello, Victor,

Do you mean between Monday morning and Monday afternoon you need to have at least one gap between the tags, but between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning there is no need for the gap between tags? So, in FET Mornings-Afternoons mode, between the first half-day and second half-day yes and between the second half-day and third half-day no?

I think as a customization we can add what you need. Please send me your file attached here if it is not private or by email if it is private, so I can make an impression on it. Then, if the above paragraph is true I'll try it and let you know. You can find my email address on my homepage or on the FET page contacts section.

I prefer a customization for now, but if it is good we can add it also to the official FET.
Hello, Victor,

Please send the file in any way you prefer. Email is fine.

I could add the constraints teachers/students min gaps between building changes per real day in the official FET. But you say that these are not useful, because you already use buildings for other constraints?

Then, I thought about it, it is not very nice to add tags constraints in the official FET - it would be a bit weird.

So, I think I will make a customization just for you, so that the min gaps tags constraint is modified.

I am having a bit of hard time understanding exactly your words - what is school and course?

I assume the 5 subactivities are equivalent. Then you can add 5 constraints subactivities preferred times, one for each split index.

Another solution might be to use the constraints activities occupy min/max time slots from selection, but it is hard to input many constraints.
Are you sure these new constraints are important? And that there are not needed other constraints?

I thought about it and it might be a good idea to add some new constraints in the official FET.

Why do you use tags constraints and not buildings constraints? I could add the constraints teachers/students min gaps between building changes per real day.

But if you want constraints for tags, I could also add the constraints teachers/students min gaps between ordered pair of activity tags.

Please let me know your opinion.

I would also like to have your file to check the new constraints, if I implement them.
Hi, Victor,

Do you mean constraint teachers/students min gaps between ordered pair of activity tags or between activity tag? You are unfortunately right, in this case.

A customization to modify these constraints might be possible.
Great! Let us know if you succeed.