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hmm.. I must admit that i like those consecutive hours and doesn't think they are exhaustive. Maybe ask every body before adding such a constraint. For example i want those consecutive hours and "complain" if they are not consecutive.

a) The students and the teachers doesn't need to swap the room (if there is no special room for a subject needed)
b) sometimes i didn't finish the hour in time, so i just continue a few minutes (or sometimes the whole hour) with the "old" subject. Of course in return i do it oposite the next week.
c) sometimes i need 2 hours to write a math test. But if i have only 1 hour per day math, then i always need to swap with an other teacher. That is sometimes difficult to do. But if i have such continues hours, then i can do it myself without careing about other teachers (and so also without affecting other students too!)
So overall i like those hours.
I released a new TiTiTo version.

Please test before using this version at school.

You can enable and disable the new features in:
TiTiTo -> Timetable -> Last Room Usage
TiTiTo -> Settings -> Comment -> Automatic Appended

It needs Windows 10 or later with 64 bit. Please update your OS soon if you still use an 32 bit OS or Windows 7/8.

You can download the new version here:
Windows 10 or higher:
MacOS 10.10 or higher:
Linux: --- please contact me if you need a Linux version ---

8.0.0: - updated to Qt 6.5
8.0.1: - updated to gcc 11.3.0
8.0.2: - add icon if it is the last activity in the room on that day (timetables and substitution tables)
8.0.3: - imporoved warnings
8.0.4: - last room usage has is now configurable
8.0.5: - optinal skip makring last room usage, if it is the last hour
General Stuff / Re: Still using Winodws 7 or 32 bit?
April 29, 2023, 11:25:29 AM
There are large speed improvements if you use latest Qt 6 Version and/or 64 bit.

I done speed comparisons for Windows:

and for Linux (Raspbian):
ok. Just quick reading.
So you try variant b).
(Still not sure if variant a) will be easier/faster)

I guess there are several steps needed (maybe too complicated to add):

Step 1: (i guess easy if you modify a csv file)
(maybe it is even clever to do this for each week?!)
Create 3 (or 5) tags for the periods.
Tag "before May 15th", "between May 15th and June 7th" and "after June 7th".
Use constraint activities not available for these tags.
Each activity need such a tag.

Maybe it is even simpler to use "subactivity has a preffered time" to do the same.

Step 2: (i fear this is much work, since you have over 2000 activities)
select all subactivities and use constraint "a set of activities has same starting hour"

Step 3: (i fear much work, since you have over 2000 activities)
now select only some subactivities and add "min n day constraint" and "max n day constraint" both with value 5 (since you have 5 days per week) and 100%. So these activities will be always at the same day.

If you do this steps (1 to 3) and also use max gaps = 0 constraints, then you don't need to use a constraint like "must end students day" like i suggested for the other variants.

So this mean the activities that you want to deactivate first must be set as last (or maybe first).
You could use constraint "must end students day".
I am not sure if you can do that 5 times.
Again: I fear impossible to find tricks if we don't know your data set.

But on the other, if i read your request correct, then you need in fact only 3 timetables.
(before May 15th, between May 15th and June 7th, after June 7th).
I think you should use the constraint "must end students day" for the 1st and 2nd period (or the 2nd and 3th period). End then generate a second timetable for the (last or first) missing period.
We need more information.
"with each week having a different program" and "that all weeks are the same" is conflicting.

I think overall there are 3 variants:
a) Generate a single timetable (for one week only).
Then load the fixed timetable from the results folder, save with an other name, enter the changes for week 2 and generate again (of course you need to unfix some activities).
Repeat similar for the other weeks.

b) Do it with the 5*7 days version, but in that case the program will be more different, since it is much more difficult/complicated to "fix" them.

c) Generate only 1 week. Import it into TiTiTo. Duplicate the dataset, modify it manually and export it.
Do it similar for the other weeks.

Variant a) and c) are ok, if you want to change only a few activities/programms.
You should use variant b) if you want to modify many activities.
If you only want to print or export the timetable like this, then go here:

Download TiTiTo.
Import "FET MA".
Then print or export.

It was "easy" to code this in TiTiTo, since i can care about that while i import the data. We can't do the same trick in FET. With FET we need to care about all export/view dialogs, which is more complicated and must be repeated in several dialogs.
General Stuff / Still using Winodws 7 or 32 bit?
April 22, 2023, 09:50:07 AM
Are you still using Windows 7 or 32 bit only?

You should update, because swtichting from 32 bit to 64 bit will speed-up generating a timetable ~10%.

Switching from Qt 5 (runs on Windows 7) to Qt 6 (doesn't run on Windows 7) increase around 8%.

So moving from Windows 7 32 bit to Windows 10 64 bit will increase the generating speed with FET around 18%!

(Also Windows 7 didn't get any security update anymore. There are security bugs in Windows 7 that won't be fixed anymore. It also look like you can still upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 still for free.)
General Stuff / Re: Option Blocks
April 08, 2023, 11:10:54 PM
I don't want to publish the students names here, since i will go to sleep now.
I sent you the results to your email (The email you used to register in the fet forum).
Please check your email.

File "List of courses (Sorted by line).txt" is similar to your attached picture.

Please also check your cpu usage and tell me how it looks like, sine i want to now if your cpu is calculating (1 core at 100%) or if it is doing nothing (all cores very low).

Good night.
General Stuff / Re: Option Blocks
April 08, 2023, 09:23:44 PM
So you press generate and nothing happen?

Can you please open your task manager and check the cpu usage? Double click on the cpu, so don't view the single cpu value. Check the dialog where you can see all your cpu cores (i guess you will have at least 2 cores/threads or much more).

If you start the software (not generating) all you cpu cores should have a very low value (probable less then a few percent).

Then generate with StElTo. What happen then? All cores still doing nearly nothing or one core is suddenly all the time at 100% usage?
General Stuff / Re: Option Blocks
April 08, 2023, 09:04:07 PM
Are you using the Windows or macOS version?

Did you tried with exactly the same settings/values like me in the video or with slightly different values?

Please try it with exactly the same values like me first. It should react similar to the video (my computer isn't very fast, it is a 10 years old intel i5-4460 )

If it doesn't react similar i currently have no idea why it doesn't react and need more information.

If the values are slightly different, then difficult data sets (like yours) might be sometimes in a loop where it doesn't react for some time with the user interface, but in fact it is still calculating. Please wait a bit if that happens. In worst case restart and make it a bit easier to calculate again (increasing/decreasing values). Never change too many values at once. Change only one value. Always start with "easy" values (so generating should be fast as in the video, even that rules are currently not allowed/possible at your school). Then decrease it step by step. So we will learn pretty quick which values are "possible".

Please let me know more.
General Stuff / Re: Option Blocks
April 08, 2023, 06:09:09 PM
I done a general video.
First with an other example set.
Then with your data set. (I changed the students names, but it is your data set.)
Maybe it's better to delete your data here, because of the students names.

I hope it helps, you might solve it with less courses. I didn't tried long.

General Stuff / Re: Option Blocks
April 08, 2023, 02:56:11 PM
You forgot to add that files. (You added the initial file once again)
In fact i only need the new Elections.csv (it can be imported without the Students.csv)
General Stuff / Re: Option Blocks
April 08, 2023, 02:11:44 PM
ok. I only check the elections.csv yet.
I just see that the original file has also 7 votes for some studnts, so i guess i might swap a subject if it is impossible to generate the data, but i don't know your rules which swaps are allowed. so i will try without swapping.

Did you also update the elections.csv? I am too lazy to convert your file format into the StElTo elections.csv format.