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Seems like you need to put it without www. in front of the link.

Oh, and the years are 2022 (last year)?

Oh2, and the timetables are from 21 August, made by you?
OK, great! But the link does not work. It hangs forever.
I recommend the number of cores, not threads. If you have 2-core/4-threads computer, you might want to generate on 2 FET threads. If you have 4-core/8-threads computer, you might want to generate on 4 FET threads.

If you really need, I could try to help you with another generation tonight - just let me know.
On Thursday, 28 September 2023, FET-6.9.6 was released. From the ChangeLog:

- Updated to Qt 6.5.3.
- Very rare crash bugs fixed (reported by Rouge Rosé).
- Code cleanup.
Get Help / Re: Problemi con le ore buche
September 28, 2023, 01:58:50 PM

You could use teachers max 1 gaps per day or teachers max span per day.
Get Help / Re: dias consecutivos
September 27, 2023, 03:40:25 PM
1. Max 4 days between all the activities of that teacher.

3. Maybe increasingly strong teacher max gaps.

I was just going to show you an example. You can open the file examples/FET-5/Germany-first-school/3 or something like that.

I think you need to add 4 sets, and each set contains R1,R2,R3,R4. Or set 1 contains R1, ..., set 4 contains R4. Then preferred room RV for that activity.

Scusi l'inglese: You can use a virtual room. Read the Help button for virtual rooms in the Rooms dialog.
I didn't listen to you and generated all night. I could find 3 additional timetables, attached to this post. I generated multiple on 8 threads with time limit of 1 hour each.
I attach the input files, the solutions, and the random seeds before and after. If you open the file, put random seed before in FET interface, generate single thread (be careful, single thread!), it will solve and the final random seed will be the random seed after from this archive. Try firstly for liviub_5, which should only take 8 minutes.

If you are interested, I could try to generate on my computer more timetables tonight. Let me know.

Thank you for your kind intentions!
And another one, attached. This one finished in only 8 minutes.
I obtained with great difficulty another timetable. Attached the solution file.
Unfortunately, it seems that I cannot obtain more timetables. Your file is very difficult. I might try some more, not sure.

Thank you for your kindness! Did you update your FET to the latest version?
I hope I have good news: I obtained a solution. See the attached files below.

If the work is good, please don't forget what I wrote above about financial help for this project.
Suggestions / Re: some ideas for future versions
September 26, 2023, 12:47:36 AM
You are welcome!

Maybe in the first approach you made mistakes, because of adding many constraints, and that's why it was impossible. Or it was luck. Or: you might allow 95% for English, but you added 100% for English+French.

If you have multi-core computer, you can generate multiple on the number of cores you have = FET threads. If you have 8 core computer, generate multiple on 8 threads, it will generate 100 timetables approximately 8 times faster overall.