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Topics - Volker Dirr

I got request/bugreport that the download link is missing in the FET News and Announcements Topics.
Liviu can't add a direct link to the file there, since the link won't work anymore as soon as a new version is released.
He might do it like I done it with TiTiTo Announcements, but the disadvantage is that I delete old announcements (and other guys already requested to keep them).
The only possible "workaround" he might do is adding only the link to the downloadpage. But i am not sure if that is a good idea, since the google ranking algorithm might think that we try to cozen him (since a lot of similar links will be in the same forum.). But the google ranking will not like if someone try to cozen him. So the page rank of that site will decrease. So i think it is better to keep it as it is now. Let me know your opinion.
General Stuff / Excel and LibreOffice file
July 27, 2017, 08:24:47 PM
Some guys want to modify timetables with Excel or LibreOffice. (Even i suggest to learn a bit HTML/css and modify the css file)
So they ask for an excel, LibreOffice file, or alternative CSV files.
That is NOT needed (and difficult to code).
Excel and LibreOffice can import HTML files!

Now some guys complain that those tables doesn't look fine (since the Excel import filter isn't perfect and just import some basic stuff). But don't worry, that is easy to fix! You only need to do it ONE time.

You just need to know ,,macros". So you can always get your needed style back with a single mouse click if you import later other generated timetables.

Excel users: Please read an excel manual about ,,macro".

LibreOffice users: here is a short manual:

1. You maybe need to turn on macro recodring: LibreOffice → Tools → Options → Advanced → Enable macro recording
2. Open the FET HTML file with LibreOffice → File → Open
3. If the table of contents and or the comments are not always the same  number of rows: I suggest to remove that rows before recording start. You will see soon why. You can save that work later automatically just by adding a few lines into the macro manually if you learn a bit BASIC.
4. Start recoding: LibreOffice → Tools → Macro → Record Macro
5. Now style the table like you want: remove rows/columns, Change font, change color, change boarders, ...
(You might need to remove spans if you want to delete rows/columns. To delete that just select the table and click on LibreOffice → Format → Merge Cells → Merge and Center Cells)
6. Stop recording the macro and save it (Press the ,,End Recording" Button)

Ready! That was all. Now you can always get you timetable style:
If you open an other generated timetable only import the HTML file and click on LibreOffice → Tools → Macro → Run Macro (You will be even faster if you place an icon for this into the menu :-)

So as you can see: Just a single mouse click to get your personal perfect styled timetable in Excel or LibreOffice.
Talk It Up! / Volkers Forum Support
May 13, 2017, 10:28:30 AM

sadly i can't do daily support here anymore.
So it will always take some time if i answer topics here.

Best Regads
Contribute Translation / Translators still needed 2
April 20, 2017, 05:35:17 PM
I done a new check with FET 5.31.5:
Translators are still needed. While the Arabic, French, Italian, Brazilian, Romanian and German translation is (nearly) done (even it doesn't look like in the first moment), some other are nearly untranslated. I used the statistics from QLinguist to write the following overview.

Language   Translated   Total   Percent
ar  66715 89687  74%
ca    52241   89687   58%
cs    24544   89687   27%
da     8622   89687   10%
de    68550   89687   76%
el    15687   89687   17%
es    13913   89687   16%
eu    15098   89687   17%
fa    11992   89687   13%
fr    76659   89687   85%
gl    49118   89687   54%
he     2655   89687    3%
hu      309   89687   57%
id    51784   89687   58%
it    61760   89687   69%
lt     7317   89687    8%
mk      463   89687    0,5%
ms      423   89687    0,4%
nl      212   89687    0,2%
pl      408   89687    0,4%
pt_BR 70295   89687   78%
ro    70368   89687   78%
ru    18119   89687   27%
si     2442   89687    3%
sk    20437   89687   23%
sq    44160   89687   49%
sr    44813   89687   50%
tr      489   89687   0,5%
uk    23311   89687   25%
uz    17905   89687   20%
vi    58113   89687   20%
zh_CN   841   89687    1%
zh_TW 10209   89687    1%

Values around 75% are very good.
Values around 50% are also good.
But values around 20% constraint only basic stuff. More translations will be very useful here.
I don't need to say, that less then 10% is bad.
hmm... shouldn't we remove languages with 0,5% or less?

Interested in translating? You can of course all translate into a missing language.
As is the topic: a constraint that limits the number continuously gaps
TiTiTo - Tiny Timetabling Tool / TiTiTo-4.9.15 released
September 20, 2016, 09:01:26 PM
I released a new TiTiTo version.

Get Windows version: old - please get newest version
Get Linux version: * see below
Get Mac version: * see below

* I can compile native Linux and Mac versions. Please test the windows version first; You can run it with Wine ( ) and CrossOver ( ) under Linux and Mac OS. I also got feedback Wineskin ( ) work fine. So maybe other Wine derivatives will run also (like WineBottler ).  I will compile Linux and Mac Version as soon as TiTiTo fits your needs. Just contact me.

4.0.0: - GPC export (illness statistics (NRW-Germany))
4.0.1: - user can modify days only if no absent or substitution was added
4.0.2: - GPC export can skip empty comments
4.0.3: - table of contents for exported students timetables
4.0.4: - tables of contents contain only selected names
4.0.5: - get rid of QXml (it isn't actively maintained anymore by Qt)
4.0.6: - improved modifying activities
4.0.7: - improved adding activities

4.1.0: - simplified database. get rid of a lot of unused data. that increase speed; it also reduce possible bugs, database and memory size.
4.1.1: - updated FET export
4.1.2: - updated SchILD export
4.1.3: - critical bug fix in schedule supervision (bug was introduced with version 4.1.0)
4.1.4: - import gp-Untis GPU001.txt timetables
4.1.5: - improved warnings
4.1.6: - simplify filenames in database (because microsoft windows can't handle white spaces always correct)
4.1.7: - updated translations

4.2.0: - iCal also export room tables
4.2.1: - fixed teachers view. it was incorrect if you swapped teachers in the supervision scheduling
4.2.2: - it's possible to enable students collision
4.2.3: - improved warnings
4.2.4: - fixed cppcheck 1.72 warnings
4.2.5: - add a warning about students collision if you export to FET file
4.2.6: - fix warnings in bring forward activities
4.2.7: - update plan views if an activity was modified
4.2.8: - fixed a bug in swap teachers dialog (effected activities without a room)
4.2.9: - added Italian translation

4.3.0: - colour teachers view
4.3.1: - colour rooms view
4.3.2: - colour students view
4.3.3: - improved updating the view and plan dialogs
4.3.4: - colour teachers plan dialog
4.3.5: - colour rooms plan dialog
4.3.6: - colour students plan dialog
4.3.7: - fixed a bug in teachers statistics
4.3.8: - save settings in teacher/students/room (detailed) views and in teacher/students/room plan dialogs

4.4.0: - view subjects
4.4.1: - view detailed subjects
4.4.2: - improved all detailed view dialogs (if you added already working/used teachers/students/rooms)
4.4.3: - improved untis-import (support students collision)
4.4.4: - print and export of timetables can add same starting time activities (like in FET)
4.4.5: - adjust bring forward comments in the settings
4.4.6: - added Arabic translation
4.4.7: - fixed a crash bug if you print subjects timetables sorted by students

4.5.0: - added holidays dialog
4.5.1: - added same starting times dialog
4.5.2: - it's possible to merge with same starting time activities in get teachers for substitution dialog
4.5.3: - improved FET 5.30.0 support
4.5.4: - added some new checks and warnings
4.5.5: - added an alternative activities plan dialog (faster modifications (especially for rooms and teachers), but without multiple teachers/students.)
4.5.6: - added a dialog to split activities with multiples teachers
4.5.7: - updated translations

4.6.0: - hide/show supervision hours in (detailed) teachers, students, rooms and subjects views
4.6.1: - hide/show supervision hours in timetable print/export
4.6.2: - added an alternative merge variant with same starting time activities in get teachers for substitution dialog
4.6.3: - adjust merge comments (same starting time activities) in the settings
4.6.4: - added a new detail level in supervision table (recommendation: students detail level = 2; teacher detail level = 1 or 2)
4.6.5: - improved remove of absent students
4.6.6: - avoid page-break inside tables
4.6.7: - updated translations

4.7.0: - merge activities (duration) if they have got same subject, teachers, students and room
4.7.1: - improved span if there are same starting times
4.7.2: - keep students order in table export
4.7.3: - holiday dialog checks if date is valid
4.7.4: - improved warnings about same starting times
4.7.5: - speedups in get teachers for substitution
4.7.6: - get teachers for substitution displays same starting times
4.7.7: - speedups in get rooms for substitution
4.7.8: - improved merge activities

4.8.0: - teachers can be added or moved in get teachers for substitution
4.8.1: - source clean-ups (get rid of a lot of #include <iostream> stuff)
4.8.2: - improved deselect button in get teachers for substitution
4.8.3: - improved adding rooms/buildings/hours
4.8.4: - it's possible to rename days
4.8.5: - FET export includes same starting times
4.8.6: - updated translations

4.9.0: - print coloured tables
4.9.1: - export coloured tables
4.9.2: - printed/exported dates and times use local language settings
4.9.3: - improved FET export
4.9.4: - removed gcc 5.4.0 warnings
4.9.5: - schedule supervision can hide teachers who are close to teaching in an other building
4.9.6: - publish only one variant of substitution table
4.9.7: - fixed a crash bug in schedule activities if you work without timetable data
4.9.8: - fixed a bug intruduced with version 4.9.2
4.9.9: - updated translation
4.9.10: - fixed a FET export bug
4.9.11: - fixed a bug in teachers statistics
4.9.12: - support new FET 5.30.3 file format
4.9.13: - fixed a bug in same starting times activities
4.9.14: - security fix: care correct about character ' in names. this avoid SQL code injection attacks
4.9.15: - updated translation
German / Deutsch / GPC Export (ASDPC - SchILD - NRW)
December 22, 2015, 03:18:12 PM
TiTiTo unterstützt den Export für GPC.

Es sollten nur erlaubten GPC Kürzel für Krankheiten benutzt werden.
"Alte" Krankheitskürzel am besten löschen. (Doppelklick auf den alten Kommentar)
TiTiTo → Einstellungen → Kommenatre → Manuelle Auswahl
"Neue" GPC-Kürzel hinzufügen:
TiTiTo → Einstellungen → Kommentare → Manuelle Auswahl → GPC Kürzel hinzufügen
In TiTiTo/FET müssen die ASDPC bzw. SchILD Lehrerkürzel benutzt werden.

Tägliche Arbeit:
Die Arbeit mit TiTiTo erfolgt wie immer. Krankheitskürzel für GPC können ab jetzt bei kranken Lehrern immer eintragen werden.
Wichtig: Eintragung muss in ,,Privater Kommentar" erfolgen! Am besten über die Schnellauswahl (Das kleine Dreieck).
Dabei ist es erlaubt, denn ,,Privaten Kommentar" zu ergänzen:
Statt nur ,,KmA" auszuwählen, kann man auch ,,KmA Dr. Müller" schreiben.
Achtung: Die Ergänzung muss angehängt werden. ,,Dr. Müller KmA" wird nicht exportiert!
Wenn der ,,Private Kommentar" mit einem unbekannten Kürzel anfängt, dann wird der Datensatz nicht exportiert. (Wenn der Kommentar z.B. ,,Klassenfahrt" lautet)

Export für GPC:
Um die Daten zu Exportieren einfach nur den Export für den gewünschten Zeitraum aufrufen:
TiTiTo → Export → GPC Export
Die Stammdaten (Lehrer.csv) von TiTiTo sollte nur im Ausnahmefall benutzt werden. Besser ist es, wenn die Stammdaten aus SchILD oder ASDPC genommen werden.

Im Moment werden nur FET Pläne mit max 7 Tagen unterstützt. Das aber in beliebigen Kombinationen (also auch A/B-Wochen, ...). Wenn Sie mehr Tage 7 Tage benutzen wollen, dann melden Sie sich bitte bei mir.
I released a new TiTiTo version.

Get Windows version: old - please get newest version
Get Linux version: * see below
Get Mac version: * see below

* I can compile native Linux and Mac versions. Please test the windows version first; You can run it with Wine ( ) and CrossOver ( ) under Linux and Mac OS. I also got feedback Wineskin ( ) work fine. So maybe other Wine derivatives will run also (like WineBottler ).  I will compile Linux and Mac Version as soon as TiTiTo fits your needs. Just contact me.


2.9.5: - disable comments if there is any valid timetable
2.9.6: - improved SchILD -> FET conversion
2.9.7: - updated translation
2.9.8: - code clean-up (fixed gcc 4.9.2 warnings)
2.9.9: - code clean-up (fixed cppcheck 1.69 warnings)

3.0.0: - converted from Qt 4.8 to Qt 5.5
3.0.1: - update licensing.txt
3.0.2: - no need to restart if you toggle supervision hour in hours per day dialog
3.0.3: - support also HttpProxy, HttpCachingProxy and FtpCachingProxy
3.0.4: - don't ask for name and password if using default proxy
3.0.5: - improved adding new hours
3.0.6: - improved statistics: it differ between default und supervision activities
3.0.7: - substitution table got a bool value to toggle substitution between default and supervision
3.0.8: - bug-fix: move forward might crash if an amendment get a new teacher
3.0.9: - updated translation

3.1.0: - bring forward also care about the default subject
3.1.1: - calculating teachers statistics is faster now
3.1.2: - bug-fix: move forward algorithm calculated sometimes one hour more then allowed
3.1.3: - warn if margin settings for printer are to low
3.1.4: - improved warnings

3.2.0: - get teachers for substitution display teachers statistics
3.2.1: - each statistic column in get teachers for substitution is optional
3.2.2: - speed-up updating teachers statistics by using transaction-commit (if supported by the database)
3.2.3: - get teachers for substitution display also subjects
3.2.4: - updated translation
3.2.5: - SchILD-Export doesn't crash if supervision is used
3.2.6: - increased SQL field length
3.2.7: - bug-fix: get teachers for substitution crashed if you tried to change a supervision a second time
3.2.8: - print and publish substitution table convert some critical characters into their equivalent references
3.2.9: - improved calculating statistics at start-up (it is only updated once per day)

3.3.0: - statistics of get teachers for substitution can be updated manually (useful if you change the settings)
3.3.1: - bug-fix: TiTiTo crashed if there is an inactive activity
3.3.2: - improved warnings
3.3.3: - bug-fix: swap subject of supervision crashed
3.3.4: - you can add an empty subject in substitution table now
3.3.5: - you can export empty subjects to FET now (as subject " "). Useful if you want to print timetables with supervision
3.3.6: - bug-fix: crash after adding new rooms (or deleting rooms) from database if the user set up ambiguous timetables

3.4.0: - user can duplicate timetables (Except absent, substitution and comments. So it's possible to reschedule the supervision.)
3.4.1: - rewrote TiTiTo->Settings->Timetables (Get rid of QSqlTableModel since SQLite locks the database with that model and DROP a table doesn't work correct by that)
3.4.2: - rewrote TiTiTo->Settings->Days per week (Get rid of QSqlTableModel since SQLite locks the database with that model to much sometimes)
3.4.3: - rewrote TiTiTo->Settings->Hours per day (Get rid of QSqlTableModel since SQLite locks the database with that model to much sometimes)
3.4.4: - rewrote TiTiTo->Settings->rooms (Get rid of QSqlTableModel since SQLite locks the database with that model to much sometimes)
3.4.5: - rewrote TiTiTo->Export->FET (Get rid of QSqlTableModel since SQLite locks the database with that model to much sometimes)
3.4.6: - rewrote TiTiTo->Export->iCal (Get rid of QSqlTableModel since SQLite locks the database with that model to much sometimes)
3.4.7: - rewrote TiTiTo->Export->SchILD (Get rid of QSqlTableModel since SQLite locks the database with that model to much sometimes)

3.5.0: - minor changes to database structure. needed for manually scheduling. updated many dialogs, because they need to check for more anomalies now.
3.5.1: - schedule activities manually (teachers view)
3.5.2: - schedule activities manually (rooms view)
3.5.3: - schedule activities manually (students view)
3.5.4: - schedule teachers/rooms/students care about not available times
3.5.5: - it's possible to load not (completely) generated fet timetables, because you can (maybe) schedule the (last) activities manually with TiTiTo now
3.5.6: - updated translation

3.6.0: - modify activities in plan activities table
3.6.1: - delete activities in plan activities table
3.6.2: - add new activities in plan activities table
3.6.3: - plan activities table can be ordered now
3.6.4: - TiTiTo doesn't reject import of activities with conflicting rooms or teachers. But it warns of course. (useful since TiTiTo allow to import incomplete data)
3.6.5: - add an activity is also available in the manually schedule dialogs.
3.6.6: - modify an activity is also available in the manually schedule dialog.
3.6.7: - fixed a regression bug in schedule supervision (introduced with version 3.5.0)
3.6.8: - updated translation

3.7.0: - alternative and custom design for substitution printing
3.7.1: - enable sorting in get teachers and rooms dialogs. (useful if you search an extra supervision because of missing teachers that might substitute.)
3.7.2: - improved system information in about dialog
3.7.3: - fixed a regression bug in get teachers for substitution (introduced with version 3.5.0)
3.7.4: - fixed absent behaviour: a set of teachers will be removed also if all students are absent
3.7.5: - print multiple students and teachers tables
3.7.6: - speed-up add absent
3.7.7: - improved FET export
3.7.8: - updated translation

3.8.0: - buildings dialog. rooms dialog can change the building.
3.8.1: - fixed a regression bug in printing students substitution (introduced with version 3.7.0)
3.8.2: - care about rooms without a defined building
3.8.3: - fixed a regression bug: free rooms are marked green again in get rooms for substitution
3.8.4: - schedule supervision can care about buildings.
3.8.5: - enable/disable scrolling if you publish a supervision table
3.8.6: - improved automatic appendend comment if there is an activity without students
3.8.7: - updated translation

3.9.0: - print teachers, students and rooms timetables
3.9.1: - print all activities timetables sorted by teachers, students or rooms
3.9.2: - print subjects timetables sorted by  teachers, students or rooms
3.9.3: - print teachers free periods timetable
3.9.4: - print teachers and students statistics
3.9.5: - export all tables from version 3.9.0 to 3.9.4

4.0.0: - GPC export (illness statistics (NRW-Germany))
Contribute Translation / Translators still needed
October 09, 2015, 11:56:24 PM
Translators are still needed. While the Romanian and German translation is (nearly) done (even it doesn't look like in the first moment), some other are nearly untranslated. I used the statistics from QLinguist to write the following overview.

Language   Translated   Total   Percent
ca   52401   83969   62,41%
cs   24629   83969   29,33%
da   8663   83969   10,32%
el   15899   83969   18,93%
es   14007   83969   16,68%
eu   15305   83969   18,23%
fa   12080   83969   14,39%
fr   73205   83969   87,18%
gl   49255   83969   58,66%
he   2666   83969   3,17%
hu   309   83969   0,37%
id   51961   83969   61,88%
it   61383   83969   73,10%
lt   7383   83969   8,79%
mk   463   83969   0,55%
ms   423   83969   0,50%
nl   212   83969   0,25%
pl   408   83969   0,49%
pt_BR   18167   83969   21,64%
ro   67164   83969   79,99%
ru   18167   83969   21,64%
si   2442   83969   2,91%
sk   20482   83969   24,39%
sq   44340   83969   52,81%
sr   44936   83969   53,51%
tr   489   83969   0,58%
uk   23392   83969   27,86%
uz   17953   83969   21,38%
vi   55298   83969   65,86%
zh_CN   844   83969   1,01%
zh_TW   10280   83969   12,24%

Values around 80% are very good.
Values around 50% are also good.
But values around 20% constraint only basic stuff. More translations will be very useful here.
I don't need to say, that less then 10% is bad.

Interested in translating? You can of course all translate into a missing language.
Lets say you have got a medium school with only 6 years. Each year has got 4 classes. The week has got 5 day and each day has got 6 hours.
So a week has got 5*6=30 time slots.
That school will have around school 6*4*30=720 activities.

So there are overall 30^720 = 3,36*10^1063 combinations for the activities.

How long does it take to calculate them?
Lets say your CPU has got 10 GHz. So it might max calculate 10^9 combinations per second. (I know 10 GHz is unrealistic today and calculating one table per step is also unrealistic. A realistic value today is around 10000 only.)
So in best case you need only 3,36*10^1054 seconds.

Lets say you CPU has got 10 cores. (I know, unrealistic today)
So you only need 3,36*10^1053 seconds.

Lets say you have got a super grid with 10000 computers. (Even TOP 500 computers haven't got that today)
So you need only 3,36*10^1049 seconds.

Lets say each computer has got also a video-card that support calculating with 10000 shaders. (Also unrealistic today)
So you need only 3,36*10^1045 seconds.

Lets say CPU and GPU can you a super hyper threading technique (unrealistic today) with improve speed another 10 times.
So you need only 3,36*10^1044 seconds.
That are around 10^1037 years.

Hmm... Just for comparison:
The earth is maybe around 4,6*10^9 years old.
The big bang was around 13,8*10^9 years ago.

So, if you started calculating with the Big Bang, then you already solved 0.000000000... % of all combinations. (I am to lazy to write all the other 0 digits.)
There are different variants how to do an activity planning.
a) Some schools try to keep always the same activity planning. That is easy, because normaly not many changes are needed. The disadvantage is, that students (always) get new teachers.
b) Some school try to move the activity planning one year up, so teachers keep the students.
c) Some do a mix of both. Maybe Move year 5->6, 7->8 and 9->10. But not 6->7 nor 8->9.

If you do variant b) (or c) you might be happy about the new feature in the new FET snapshot. Please test it and report if it is working well. Since it is a bit "hidden" (no new button, ...), I describe it.
Go to FET->Data->students->year.
Select the highest year and "rename" it (or remove it, if you are sure you won't need that activities/constraint for your new lowest year again). Rename it with a temporary unique name.
For example: year "10" -> year "11"
Then select the second highest year and rename it "up" also. Example: "9" to "10".
Go on down to the lowest year. Then maybe rename the highest "temporary unique name" year with the lowest year name.

I hope some schools will be glad to have this feature. (I know it isn't used at many secondary school, but primary schools or similar schools often do the activity planning like that.)

Don't forget that you can modify the "split year automatic" without removing the year if you need new courses. Liviu coded that feature already some time ago. Please test that feature too.

Happy timetabling!
Talk It Up! / I am currently not available
October 03, 2015, 12:13:14 AM
I need to rest a bit. Hopefully there won't be critical questions or problems in the next few days, since Liviu is also not available at the moment.
Talk It Up! / Kids can learn coding with Scratch
September 14, 2015, 12:20:39 PM
Do you know Scratch? Kids can learn coding with it. It has some advantages and disadvantages.
I coded a small game. Maybe you want to play and hopefully you will learn how to code.
Dear custom FET version users. I uploaded the new releases.
If you want to set a link, please don't set a direct link to the file, because i delete always old files.
Please set a link only to the directory.
Please delete old links to the files if you added them somewhere in the Internet or in other forums.
My sever always produce a error log, just to tell me that there are incorrect links somewhere in the Internet. That is unneeded work for my sever and it will always annoy users if they try to download FET.
So please: No direct link to the file. Only to the directory.
Thank you.
I released a new TiTiTo version.

Get Windows version: obsolete - please get latest version
Get Linux version: * see below
Get Mac version: * see below

* I can compile native Linux and Mac versions. Please test the windows version first; You can run it with Wine ( ) and CrossOver ( ) under Linux and Mac OS. I also got feedback Wineskin ( ) work fine. So maybe other Wine derivatives will works also (like WineBottler ).  I will compile Linux and Mac Version as soon as TiTiTo fit your needs. Just contact me.

2.0.0: - publish substitution to file
2.0.1: - check for newer version
2.0.2: - userdefined limit the max number of results in the find tables, because of speed problems
2.0.3: - speedup find substitution
2.0.4: - default value of "to" hours in absent selection have now highest value
2.0.5: - bugfix in read settings (this bug was introduced in version 2.0.0)
2.0.6: - view students display year activities with duration higher than 1 correct now
2.0.7: - improved Linux compatibility by using a start script (
2.0.8: - updated translations

2.1.0: - improved speed in main window (reduced read and write access to database)
2.1.1: - improved find absent (find related students)
2.1.2: - improved find substitution (find related students and find new (substitution) and old (default) values)
2.1.3: - "Max longer" in get teacher for substitution is calculated correct now. (It was to low sometimes.)

2.2.0: - modified database structure - increased comments size
2.2.1: - move forward also display the subject
2.2.2: - students substitution table also display teachers automatic appendant if general comment is selected
2.2.3: - bugfix in import of custom fet timetable import

2.3.0: - export simplified fet file
2.3.1: - view detailed rooms
2.3.2: - view detailed teachers
2.3.3: - view detailed students
2.3.4: - improved all view dialogs (hide option and tooltip)
2.3.5: - support new FET file format (introduced with FET 5.24.0)
2.3.6: - updated translations
2.3.7: - improved progressbars

2.4.0: - add, remove and rename hours
2.4.1: - add, remove and rename rooms
2.4.2: - prepare supervision
2.4.3: - schedule supervision
2.4.4: - allow empty subjects
2.4.5: - improved teacher preselection in schedule supervision
2.4.6: - care correct about activities with duration >1 if hours are added or removed
2.4.7: - adding and removing hours is significant faster now if the database support transaction-commit

2.5.0: - teamteaching activities marked with "+" in get teachers for substitution
2.5.1: - activities without students marked with "x" in get teachers for substitution
2.5.2: - code cleanup (added new checks into source, improved some old warnings)
2.5.3: - count teachers supervision quantity in schedule supervision
2.5.4: - updated translation

2.6.0: - substitution table can be uploaded (FTP)
2.6.1: - span names in substitution table
2.6.2: - sorting teachers by quantity in schedule supervision
2.6.3: - it's possible to select every teacher in schedule supervision now (so it's possible to turn off the automatic filter)
2.6.4: - updated translation
2.6.5: - bugfix: swap dialogs and view dialogs might crash when using supervision

2.7.0: - automatic backup of SQLite database can be enabled
2.7.1: - check space and number of files in backup folder
2.7.2: - optimised some algorithms
2.7.3: - statistics has a new very detailed teacher listing
2.7.4: - detailed teacher listing can print optinal private, general and teacher comment
2.7.5: - proxy can be configured

2.8.0: - hours can be marked as supervision
2.8.1: - Width of supervision can be changed in get teachers for substitution and get rooms for substitution
2.8.2: - bring forward doesn't count supervision hours as gaps
2.8.3: - add some warning checks in hours dialog
2.8.4: - default statistic start can be set to today, first day of the month or start date of the timetable
2.8.5: - code cleanup (added and improved some warnings)
2.8.6: - bugfix: get teacher for substitution crashed if a supervision is selected

2.9.0: - print supervision
2.9.1: - code cleanup (optimised speed)
2.9.2: - icon added (Application and Windows desktop)
2.9.3: - added new checks if SQL VARCHAR is to small
2.9.4: - added some new checks if SQL Errors occur
Under Rasbian on my Raspberry Pi, the .desktop file does not work correct.
Name, translation and comments work fine.
But Exec and Icon does not work.
for example this work well, but it is a bad style of course:

But this does not work:

Any idea how to fix it?
Similar problem with Exec. Or is that a Raspian bug?
General Stuff / Raspberry Pi
February 17, 2015, 01:19:00 PM
I complied fet with an Raspberry Pi. Looks like it is working, but of course a bit slow. I will do a benchmark soon, but i fear it will be pretty bad, because only compiling the fet source already took over 8 hours.
General Stuff / FET Manual
November 05, 2014, 06:50:12 PM

sadly my webhost has got a problem.
It host the manual incorrect if it is in the "old" directory.
So i copied the same file into an other directory and then it work correct.
Please use this backup as long as my webhost has got this problems.

MODIFIED: LINK DELETED, because it work correct again.
The fet timetables of Moroccan and Algerian custom versions are not perfect, because each single day is divided into 2 columns or rows.

If you want to print timetables with just a single row or column per day, then do this:
1. Generate your fet timetable with the custom fet version as always.
2. Download TiTiTo:
3. Start TiTiTo and import the generated fet timetable from the fet-results directory. (TiTiTo -> Settings -> Timetables -> Import CUSTOM FET file)
4. Export a simplified fet file. (TiTiTo -> Export -> FET _export)
5. Open that exported fet file with FET and generate the timetable (It is in the TiTiTo -> FET Export directory if you didn't change the export directory)
6. Maybe modify the days and hours names
7. Print as always:
7.a) Print by FET -> Timetable -> Print
7.b) Print html timetables with a webbrowser (see FET results directory).
Let's view an example:
Teacher Agnes is ill. So 4 periods must be substituted. (see picture 1a). (Pictures are only visible if you are logged in as a user of this forum. Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.)
Students always have 6 hours per day and students gaps are not allowed.
But it's possible to move lessons forward at period 5.
You can see teachers which can substitute in the bottom of picture 1b.
You can see possible move forward periods at the top of picture 1b.
As you can see teacher Max teach the same group at the same day during the last period. So he can move forward his lesson. Also longer chains over several days are visible here.
If you select a move forward from the top TiTiTo will add comments into the substitution table (see picture 1c).