FET 32bit support

Started by Volker Dirr, May 04, 2020, 08:03:21 PM

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Volker Dirr


i will move this topic later into the snapshot section, but i will ask now here, since it is important:
Can you please help me with testing the new 32bit version of FET, even if you use a custom version?
I updated to a newer Qt version and to a newer compiler.
The "only" test i need is a ssl test.
So a check if ssl connection is working. Especially with Windows 7 32 bit.

Please download the new 32 bit version:

Start FET and check for internet updates. So you must have checked "FET -> Settings -> Search for updates on startup".
Please restart FET if you just checked it.
Wait a few seconds. If there is no warning then all should be fine. Please let me know if all is fine or if there is a warning like "missing dll files".

Thank you