TiTiTo 7.9.7 released

Started by Volker Dirr, March 18, 2023, 12:27:00 PM

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Volker Dirr

Please use the newer TiTiTo 8.5.4! See here:


This will be the last Windows 32bit compatible version, since I will update to Qt 6. So newer Windows versions will run only on Windows 10 or later with 64 bit. Please update your OS soon if you still use an 32 bit OS or Windows 7/8.

Don't use this version at school if you still use and old TiTiTo version 6.9.1 or older, because I changed the database structure a bit.
But you can use this version already if you are preparing the next school year or if you import your data set once again (export from TiTiTo and import again).

Many thanks to Benahmed Abdelkrim, Liviu Lalescu and ngoctp29121982 for the updated translations!

You can download the new version here:
Windows 7 or higher: https://www.volker-dirr.de/TiTiTo-7.9.7.exe
MacOS 10.10 or higher: https://www.volker-dirr.de/TiTiTo-7.9.7.dmg
Linux: --- please contact me if you need a Linux version ---

7.0.0: - add and modify teacher e-mails
7.0.1: - add and modify student e-mails
7.0.2: - copy and paste mail addresses
7.0.3: - load and save mail addresses
7.0.4: - SMTP access with TCP, SSL or TLS
7.0.5: - substitution can be send to teachers by mail (SMTP)
7.0.6: - substitution can be send to students by mail (SMTP)
7.0.7: - optionally send only affected substitution by mail

7.1.0: - send teachers timetable by e-mail
7.1.1: - send students timetable by e-mail
7.1.2: - add and modify rooms
7.1.3: - send rooms timetable by e-mail
7.1.4: - it's possible to change the cell width and height if you export a timetable (it's impossible if you print, because of a Qt bug)
7.1.5: - it's possible to add multiple e-mail addresses (limit: 128 characters)
7.1.6: - add, remove and modify subjects
7.1.7: - send subjects timetable by e-mail
7.1.8: - bug fix about not asking for e-mail password if it is empty
7.1.9: - bug fix about activities with same starting time (introduced in version 6.8)

7.2.0: - import of virtual and real rooms is now possible (by split activities (with (allowed) students collision))
7.2.1: - add optionally also loose related students in the substitution e-mails (this should be the default value)
7.2.2: - e-mail, ftp and proxy passwords but also names are saved scrambled now
7.2.3: - e-mail, ftp and proxy passwords can be stored optionally temporary in memory
7.2.4: - bug fix: sending subjects with e-mails might fail in rare cases
7.2.5: - workaround to care about right to left bug in Google Gmail (and maybe also other e-mail-clients)
7.2.6: - updated translations

7.3.0: - add optionally iCalendar attachments to e-mails
7.3.1: - source cleanup: using forward declarations in header files
7.3.2: - copy and paste e-mails is done now by the clipboard. So you can also interact with other software (LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, ...).
7.3.3: - 'Copy E-Mails' in the students dialog copys only selected students from the combobox
7.3.4: - delete a timetable in the 'manage timetables' dialog is also possible by clicking the ID
7.3.5: - there are some new shortcuts key supported in the main dialog. Please see TiTiTo -> help -> shortcut keys
7.3.6: - fixed memory leaks (reported by Valgrind 3.15.0)
7.3.7: - workaround to care about limited style size in Google Gmail (So colours should look fine now also with large data sets)
7.3.8: - fixed a ftp upload bug, font-size and rtl bug
7.3.9: - improved location of menues in mac os

7.4.0: - improved 'search comments' dialog (searching in speacial tabs only).
7.4.1: - all find dialogs are sortable by clicking on the header
7.4.2: - manual, data privacy and license information moved into folder README
7.4.3: - new substitution export: 2 days in subdirectories
7.4.4: - updated to Qt 5.15.1 (got rid of QString::SkipEmptyParts, qrand(), QByteArray::append(const QString &str) and endl)
7.4.5: - updated translations

7.5.0: - substitution tables can have top ticker and/or bottom ticker
7.5.1: - right to left support for the tickers
7.5.2: - reload pages after fixed times (but it will finish the scroll before reloading). reload is now always enabled.
7.5.3: - started to convert html files from xhtml 4 to html 5 (but try to keep "old" coding style. No new html features are used to stay compatible to not too old browsers.)
7.5.4: - tickers can have time, date or static text in the corners.
7.5.5: - bug fix: teachers timetable in supervision planning dialog is now also fine if the teachers are sorted in an other order
7.5.6: - updated to Qt 5.15.2 (got rid of setOrientation and setPaperSize)
7.5.7: - Portuguese translation added

7.6.0: - sent e-mail to a single teacher, student, room or subject
7.6.1: - improved progress dialogs
7.6.2: - simplified e-mails (They are smaller now. This helps to avoid problems with e-mail servers with a low css limit.)
7.6.3: - improved information if e-mails are copied
7.6.4: - bugfix: copy multiple e-mails is done fine now (introduced with version 7.3.2)
7.6.5: - bugfix: there was a wrong warning if you clicked on numbers in the right table of planning supervision (introduced with version 7.5.5)
7.6.6: - code clean-up (fixed Cppcheck 2.4.1 warnings)

7.7.0: - better support for FET 6 files (Official and Morning/Afternoon check)
7.7.1: - export gp-Untis timetable GPU001.TXT
7.7.2: - export basic willi2 data
7.7.3: - improved ticker dialog
7.7.4: - substitution table can have optional margins
7.7.5: - substitution table can have optional background image
7.7.6: - substitution table can have optional analog clock
7.7.7: - bugfix: day and hour names might be doubled in plan activity dialog

7.8.0: - optional dialog to split activities into activities with duration 1
7.8.1: - validate database (size of data)
7.8.2: - validate database (time)
7.8.3: - validate database (date)
7.8.4: - validate database (foreign keys)
7.8.5: - bugfix in "Convert from SchILD to FET". (Introduced with version 6.7.2)
7.8.6: - improved gp-Untis timetable export (GPU001.TXT)
7.8.7: - gp-Untis export optional skips supervision and activities without students
7.8.8: - add Vietnamese translation
7.8.9: - fixed some misspellings

7.9.0: - export supervision, so webbased digital class books can be updated automatically every day
7.9.1: - bugfix: iCal export doesn't fail anymore if a name has character / included
7.9.2: - removed infer 1.1.0 warnings
7.9.3: - corrected some source strings. Bugs found with TranslationSourceCheck 1.0.7
7.9.4: - new icon with a higher resolution
7.9.5: - Most QLineEdits and editable QComboBoxes got a clear button and a max length limit. Some also got a placeholder text
7.9.6: - is it possible to change the font color in the design dialog
7.9.7: - updated translations