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Started by Hesekiel Adisa, April 06, 2023, 07:51:33 AM

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Hesekiel Adisa

I need some help here.
I am new with this app.
The students have made their subjects choice.
How do I use the attached to create subjects that can go together?


Volker Dirr

First of all you didn't added courses yet.
"target" is only the current suggestion of the software. You can modify the number of courses (target) and then need to create them (press "create courses")

I explain it more detailed here:
(Sadly German only, but you can enable English subtitle)

Second: So you know the courses that should be at the same time?
There are different variants, depending on your school. In best case view all my StElTo videos. Maybe increase speed.

Short answers:

So you already know the line where it should be placed?
Use/Set 'Fixed Line' in the 'Course'-tab.

You know the line and you also know there there shouldn't be other courses?
Change the 'hour'. It's a bit difficult to explain. View the videos. If there is a solution, then this variant can generate results in normal case much much faster, but in worst case you might increase the difficult to set the other activitis too much and won't find a solution at all.

You don't know the line and there are also other courses allowed at the same time?
Use 'same line' in the 'course'-tab.

Hesekiel Adisa

Thank you so much for your help,

I still need more help from you. I am a bit desperate at the moment because the subjects options blocks for our year 10 ought to have been ready by now. I am new to this.
I am sharing with you all the documents with me. Could you kindly create the blocks for me, then make a video of it so that I can learn from it also.

Thank you, so much.

Volker Dirr

hmmm.... I am currently converting the software from Qt 5.15 to Qt 6.5 ....

ok. I will try to explain the problems in a video as soon as i got an answer from you (see below).

Can you please try to import your attached csv files? (Because there are some small warnings if i import them. I am not sure if you modified the csv files (or even wrote it yourself or with an other software or if there is a small bug in my export. If these files are done by StElTo export, then please sent me the "database.dat" file or your ((if you didn't enter the data by the user interface) original input files).

Can you give me some more information? How many lines are allowed? How many courses/teachers i am allowed to use/set?
Maybe tell me (also) some limits like:
Courses with less then 10 students are not allowed, they must vote an other subject.
Courses with more then 30 students are not allowed, must be split in 2 courses.

Volker Dirr

ok. Spanish, Art and Music is a good information.

Is the attached  "open Block.png" a solution for an old dataset or for the votes you attached?
As far as i can see in that blockplan i am allowed to split physics, chemestry and other subjects into several courses.

It will be a bit easier if i know a rule like: Courses are not allowed to have more than X students.
And if i know how many times i am allowed to split.

Hesekiel Adisa

Alright, great.
Yes, it is a solution to last year options group.
A class should not exceed 18 students.
A subject can't have more than 2 classes
A subject with more than 18 can have 2 classes
Subjects with less than 15 votes can't have more than a class, unless that needs to be done at all cost for all choices of the students to be considered.

Volker Dirr

Quote from: Hesekiel Adisa on April 08, 2023, 11:21:48 AMA subject can't have more than 2 classes

hmm... That rule was broken last year. At least with chemistry.

Hesekiel Adisa

Yeah, probably the person did that because that was the only way every student could have his choice met.

Volker Dirr

ok. I will check the file and probably record a video where i explain how it might be done. (i done only a quick look so far and it looks difficult, so some rules might fail. I will try but it will take some time to do that.).

Hesekiel Adisa

I wouldn't mind if some rules are broken but can't have 3 classes for any subjects and French must have 2 classes.

Thank you for all the help so far.
I'm indeed grateful

Volker Dirr

hmmm... I just checked your data more detailed.

Your data has dublicate data.
For example:

You added that students twice. One time with a space at the end of the name and once without space.
Not too critical, but should be deleted since courses might be too small or great by this.

But there are more dublicates. At least Nana and Sosanya. Be careful, since there are slighly different votes! You should delete the "old" data.

Also i am not sure about:
yunusa adriel
Yunusa Abiel

Is that the same student? Delete it. (Be carefull, since votes are different. So different students?!)

Please double check your data after importing.
Check if the number of students is correct.
Go to the 'students' tab and click on 'Last Name'. Now it is sorted by last name. Check for dublicates.
Go to the 'students' tab and click on 'First Name'. Now it is sorted by first name. Check for dublicates.
(Check both, only checking 'Last Name' will fail for example if you forgot the write the first letter. So check both variants!
Check number of students once again.

Then go to 'votes' tab. Click on 'Votes'. Click on more time on 'vote'. By that you can see the max and minim number of votes fast. There are 2 students with 5 votes only. is that correct?

It doesn't make sense to generate the data, if the data is not fine.

Please fix that before i record a video. (Or should i record a video of that also? ... hmmm... some other guys might do similar bugs. I must think about how to care about stuff like that.)

Hesekiel Adisa

I am sorry about those errors; I just received the file thinking everything was all right.
I have cross-checked the file again.
Those that chose five subjects are allowed. They can choose up to six.
I am sharing it with you.

Thank you again.

Volker Dirr

ok. I only check the elections.csv yet.
I just see that the original file has also 7 votes for some studnts, so i guess i might swap a subject if it is impossible to generate the data, but i don't know your rules which swaps are allowed. so i will try without swapping.

Did you also update the elections.csv? I am too lazy to convert your file format into the StElTo elections.csv format.

Volker Dirr

You forgot to add that files. (You added the initial file once again)
In fact i only need the new Elections.csv (it can be imported without the Students.csv)

Volker Dirr

I done a general video.
First with an other example set.
Then with your data set. (I changed the students names, but it is your data set.)
Maybe it's better to delete your data here, because of the students names.

I hope it helps, you might solve it with less courses. I didn't tried long.