Generating a Schedule for Five Weeks from a FET timetable of one week version

Started by henriquebelo, April 28, 2023, 12:52:55 PM

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Good afternoon! In September, a weekly schedule was generated for the school, which remained the same throughout the months, from Monday to Friday. However, now, nearing the end of the school year, it is necessary to generate a new schedule for the next 5 weeks, with each week having a different program. To do this, a suggestion would be to initially generate a standard schedule for the 5 weeks in the FET software, ensuring that all weeks are the same. How can I do this?

Check the 2 images attached.

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Volker Dirr

We need more information.
"with each week having a different program" and "that all weeks are the same" is conflicting.

I think overall there are 3 variants:
a) Generate a single timetable (for one week only).
Then load the fixed timetable from the results folder, save with an other name, enter the changes for week 2 and generate again (of course you need to unfix some activities).
Repeat similar for the other weeks.

b) Do it with the 5*7 days version, but in that case the program will be more different, since it is much more difficult/complicated to "fix" them.

c) Generate only 1 week. Import it into TiTiTo. Duplicate the dataset, modify it manually and export it.
Do it similar for the other weeks.

Variant a) and c) are ok, if you want to change only a few activities/programms.
You should use variant b) if you want to modify many activities.


Hi Volker,

What I mean is that it's necessary to create a schedule with 5 equal weeks and then gradually deactivate activities that end before the final date in order to optimize schedules.
This is because some subjects end as early as May 15th, but students only finish classes on June 7th for those taking national exams and June 14th for other courses. If we don't change the schedules, some subjects will end on July 7th, which cannot happen. There is a certain amount of training volume to be completed in these courses.

So we need to have only one fet file with all weeks.

One question, TiTiTo can import one week and export 5 weeks to the fet software? If yes this is the solution that I need.

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Volker Dirr

So this mean the activities that you want to deactivate first must be set as last (or maybe first).
You could use constraint "must end students day".
I am not sure if you can do that 5 times.
Again: I fear impossible to find tricks if we don't know your data set.

But on the other, if i read your request correct, then you need in fact only 3 timetables.
(before May 15th, between May 15th and June 7th, after June 7th).
I think you should use the constraint "must end students day" for the 1st and 2nd period (or the 2nd and 3th period). End then generate a second timetable for the (last or first) missing period.



Check the file in your email.

I have already finished creating all the activities for the 10th grade. If there is no easy way to replicate the same timetable for other weeks, I will have to manually create all activities and schedule them for the same hour and weekday to the others weeks.

Volker Dirr

ok. Just quick reading.
So you try variant b).
(Still not sure if variant a) will be easier/faster)

I guess there are several steps needed (maybe too complicated to add):

Step 1: (i guess easy if you modify a csv file)
(maybe it is even clever to do this for each week?!)
Create 3 (or 5) tags for the periods.
Tag "before May 15th", "between May 15th and June 7th" and "after June 7th".
Use constraint activities not available for these tags.
Each activity need such a tag.

Maybe it is even simpler to use "subactivity has a preffered time" to do the same.

Step 2: (i fear this is much work, since you have over 2000 activities)
select all subactivities and use constraint "a set of activities has same starting hour"

Step 3: (i fear much work, since you have over 2000 activities)
now select only some subactivities and add "min n day constraint" and "max n day constraint" both with value 5 (since you have 5 days per week) and 100%. So these activities will be always at the same day.

If you do this steps (1 to 3) and also use max gaps = 0 constraints, then you don't need to use a constraint like "must end students day" like i suggested for the other variants.


Hi Volker,

I see that there is no easy way to manage this, we are adding activities and alocating with the constraint A set of activities as a set of prefered starting time.

Check the pic.

Best Regards
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