Please help locating a printer bug

Started by Volker Dirr, June 03, 2014, 09:27:06 PM

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Volker Dirr

I got a bug report. Sadly i can't reproduce it.
I need more information from other users. So please help with a quick test.

Looks like the margins in printer settings doesn't work with all printers if you use Qt 5 or newer.

So please help us with some easy tests:
Get latest windows compiled FET version (5.22.0 compiled with Qt 5.3).
Generate a timetable.
Go to fet->timetable->print->preview.
check the margins.
change all margins to 50 mm.
check the preview.
change all margins to 0  mm.
check the preview.

please report the results. Are the margins correct? (So please also report if it is working correct.)

if you see incorrect margins, then please get an older version and repeat the same test and report.
would be nice if you do the test with:
precompiled fet 5.21.3 (Compiled with Qt 5.2.1)
precompiled fet 5.20.2 (Compiled with Qt 4.8 )

you can get the old version here:

(Of course you can compile also yourself. Please tell me the used Qt version then.)

Please also let me know you printer device, because the bug might be depending on that.

Bobby Wise

I normally print to a PDF (doPDF) printer.

I did what you requested without any problems.