Started by Jimena, July 06, 2023, 01:03:59 PM

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Hello, I am writting from Spain, we have tried to complete this timetable, and it says that all the activities are placed, but the ones in which a class is splitted ( for example, part of the class goes to Latin, and the rest to Biology in group 4)And also this morning there were more activities than nowm when I have geberated a new one.
We are a bit desperate as we are a new team and it is the first time we have to cope with these tasks.

Best regards

Volker Dirr

Minor suggestion: You are using a pretty old FET version. Update to the latest version, that will be faster and better.

hmm.. I checked your file pretty quick only. I didn't understood 100% your problem, but i looks like it is because of your students structre. I saw you manually dividied the groups.

Please rethink about your students structure and try to use the "Divide years by selecting categories". That should be possible at most schools. If it is not possible at your school, then you need to explain us more detailed your students structure.

Please read this and ask again a bit more detailed if you still have a problem:


Thanks a lot. You are very kind to answer so quickly.
I have already downloaded the latest version and simplify the gropus.