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Started by infoo_, December 17, 2023, 07:32:26 PM

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Please help, I have the attached FET file, I need to have constraints max gaps and min hours daily activated for each teacher.

Thank you for your kind help


I have managed to achieve the following timetable.

I would like to keep improving it, for example we can start by setting max days for FERREYRA = 3 instead of 4 that was generated by fet. It got stuck at 321 / 324 with 4 threads (in 3 threads at 2 m 25 s, 10 m 44 s and 8 m 15 s using latest official version of fet).

Volker Dirr

Generate it single core. View the initial order list. Check in that list the id of activity with no 322. That activity ID will be probably an activity of FERREYRA or a related one. So you need to make it easier for activity no 322 or an other activity of FERREYRA or a related one.