Would it be accepted to translate the files by Excel?

Started by Marcus, July 31, 2020, 06:51:59 AM

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I imported the being-tanslated file to Excel and I think I can output the .ts file but not the .qm file.
Would this tranlated file be accepted?

Thank you

Liviu Lalescu


In what language do you intend to translate? Do you intend to translate the FET interface?

I only need the .ts file, but I recommend you to use Qt Linguist, it is much better than Excel for this purpose.

If you begin translating, please let me know, so that I announce and no other person duplicates the work.


I have to think it twice before I promise anything. There are about 5000 items left in that translation originally. It's not few.

Liviu Lalescu

Yes, it is a difficult and long task. But don't worry, there is absolutely no problem if you abandon even from the start, because there are no other people willing to translate at this moment.

You might want to begin from the current translation, or start anew, and begin with FetMainForm_template, which is most important.

But please use Qt Linguist, it is the best and safest, otherwise your work may be wasted. And make backups, and send me a try from the beginning, so I can check.

Volker Dirr

Yes, you should work with the linguist only, not with excel.
Because the linguist do some basic checks (like correct puncuation mark at the end of the string. Number of place marker, ...)
It is also easier to see if you "accepted" the translation.
And it is much easier to see similar translations and use those other translations as template.