Column days in arabic

Started by Benahmed Abdelkrim, June 20, 2016, 05:34:20 PM

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Benahmed Abdelkrim

 I think it is better to turn the column of days right instead of left as it is now.
In order to respect the direction from right to left specific to the Arabic language.
i attach the picture;

Volker Dirr

ok. Sadly that is a Qt bug. We have got the same problem in FET. I hope Qt guys will fix that soon.
I think i won't code a workaround for all tables, there are too many of them and it's pretty much work to code a workaround for that.
As a workaround you can export the timetable and print with a webbrowser, because webbrowsers don't have that bug.

What about the substitution table? It should be also changed from right to left?!
I think i will code an workaround for that, since that table is daily needed. It isn't handy to export it every day and print with a webbrowser. I must be possible to print directly from TiTiTo.

Let me know if there are other "right to left" problems. I think the statistik will sadly have the same problem :-(