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April 25, 2024, 10:29:44 PM
Hi Mr Livieu
Is there a possibility to add a filter button in the "All Time CONSTRAINTS" window to facilitate the review and
audit process, especially in tables with many CONSTRAINTS and activities, such as the attached image
Thank You
Hi liviu
i have issue ; sometimes with acitity with 5 division (2+1+1+1) with wight less then 100 so i accept puting activity like(2+2+1) but sometimes the programe split the activity (3+1+1) , 3 hours with same subject in real day!!
there is constraint "max hours  daily per real day with an activity tag for a student" it work but i have to add tags to all activity with name of subject and that take a lot of time if my file have many activity
so, i ask if u can add the same constraint but, not with tag , with subject like"max hours  daily per real day with a subject for a student or all student"
sorry for my bad english
and thank u very much
i have suggestion if that possible
sometimes we need to change the weight of "constrait min days a set of activities" for one teacher or one Subject in one time
so can you please add it in filter ?
من فضلكم هل يمكن اضافة قيد : ادنى حصص  يومية مع وسم للمدرس ؟
شرح السبب لعلي اجد حلا آخر :
احتاجه في التعامل مع الحصص الفردية التي نتحصل عليها عند تدوير التكنلوجيا في الطور الثانوي الجزائري
مثلا : استاذ الفيزياء يدرس حصتين تكنلوجيا +حصة فيزياء في الفصل الاول ، في الفصل الثاني يعفى من التكنلوجيا فتبقى حصة الفيزياء منفردة