3 non-consecutive days

Started by Jack_Pk, September 11, 2023, 11:37:05 PM

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Hello everyone
I have a problem with some teachers in my school. I need them to work only 3 of 6 days per week, but it is necessary that these days are never consecutive.
For example it is ok to work Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are also valid.

Is there any command like "max consecutive working days"?
Thanks in advance for the answers!


Volker Dirr

If the teacher has got an activity that is divided into 3 subactivities, then just choose 2 of that subactivities and add a min day constraint with value 3 and weight 100%.
If the teacher doesn't have that, then select an other activity. Maybe a activity that is divided in 2 parts. In worst case just do it with 2 random activities.

Liviu Lalescu

Hello, Jack,

Unfortunately, it seems not possible perfectly with the official FET.

A customization to add a new constraint type should be possible. But I can only work on this with a contract.

Vangelis Karafillidis

Try the following:
1) Add a constraint "Min days per week for a teacher" = 3 for this teacher
2) Add a constraint "Max days per week for a teacher" = 3 for this teacher
3) Add a pseudo-activity (no teacher, no students group) with split = 2, duration = 1, min days = 3, weight = 100%.
4) Add a constraint "A set of activities occupies max time slots from selection". Select all the activities of this specific teacher, along with the above mentioned pseudo-activity. Select all time slots. Let's say that this teacher has n activities. Set "Max occupied" = n.
5) Generate.