[Solved] How disable "Allow one day exception of plus one" option?

Started by piercrup, September 17, 2023, 07:22:54 PM

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I added the time constraint
All teachers must respect the maximum number of span (in hours) per day
Weight (percentage)=100%
Maximum span per day=5

But the system adds
Allow one day exception of plus one=yes

i don't want this exception. I can't find where remove it.

Liviu Lalescu

I don't understand why you did not find the option. It is right there in the dialog. A check box.


Thank you for your answer

I'm setting the constraint like this
time->teachers->all teachers->max hour daily for all teachers

Now i saw the checkbox you said but it is only in "one theacher" menu.
I can't find the checkbox for all theachers



sorry. I found the problem.
I was compiling "ax hour daily for all teachers" instead max span daily for all teachers.

we can close or delete the post.

Liviu Lalescu

No problem!

We are not closing or deleting the posts here. Maybe only modify the first post to write "[Solved]", but very rarely.