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Suggestions / A Year's Teachers
March 21, 2017, 11:32:40 AM

I was wondering, while playing with the example files, if it would be useful to have a table with the teachers that are assigned to the subjects of a year, for example, if year 1-Q has subjects A, B and C, and Mrs. A teaches A, Mr. B teaches B and Sir C teaches C, there could be a table that has that information:

Example of all of the Year's teachers. Could be a table for each year, for printing.

Year / Subject A B C D
1-Q Mrs. A Mr. B Sir C ---
1-R Mrs. A Mr. B / Mr. E Sir C Mrs. A

Note that the "D" subject has a "---", for the year 1-Q, as the students do not have that subject, and I use the word "Year" but maybe that could be possible with the groups and subgroups. I used the year 1-R to have an example of multiple teachers with the same subject, too.

I do not know if this is useful or not, I imagined that for a very large timetable, with many years and teachers it'd be helpful to keep track of things. Perhaps a school would like to print such a teacher's list to their students at the beginning of the school year?
Get Help / Grouping a subject
March 20, 2017, 07:53:32 PM

I'm facing 2 situations that require a bit of attention with certain subjects, here's they are:

Situation 1 - Mrs. A teaches 2 subjects that can't be sequential to one another.
Mrs. A teaches Biology and Mathematics, the Mathematics classes are divided into 4 activities (each of duration 1) and Biology is scheduled with 3 activities of duration 1. Mrs. A prefers that if she teaches Mathematics on year 1-Q, for example, she can not teach Biology to the same 1-Q year right afterwards (unless there is a break). The opposite is also valid, so, if she teaches Biology to year 1-Q, she can only teach Mathematics on that year immediately afterwards if a break comes between the classes.

Situation 2 - Mr. X teaches 2 subjects
Mr. X teaches both Writing and Grammar to his classes. The Grammar classes are scheduled as 4 activities of duration 1, and the Writing classes are scheduled as a single duration activity. Mr. X prefers that all of the Writing classes are scheduled in a single "group" of activities, so, if there are 4 Writing classes to be taught, those should be sequential (although the order doesn't matter). In case it is impossible, he just asks to have all of the Writing classes scheduled within the same day.

In both cases, Mr. X (as Mrs. A) does not want the Writing and Grammar classes to be sequential, for example, he shouldn't teach Grammar to the year 1-Q on the 1st period and then Writing on the 2nd period to the same year.

So, here's what I have achieved (I'll be editing this as things get done):

I have been able to group Mr. X's Writing classes within a single day, using the A set of activities has the same starting day (any hours) constraint, but this is not optimal as he prefers to have all of the Writing classes in a group.

Any ideas on how I can achieve the rest of the things I need?
Hi, everyone!

I was playing a bit with FET to learn a bit about some constraints and to showcase others to my friends. As a result, I made this sample file - all the names are fictional so there is no privacy issues. Here are a few things I used:

- Break times
- Activities with same starting time
- Teacher's available times
- Teachers max gaps per week
- Activities preferred time slots
- Activities are grouped
- Days between activities (both 95% and 100% situations)
- Teachers max. days per week
- Teachers min/max hours daily
- Teacher min. rest hours.

I realize that in real situations there would be way more restrictions, but I think that this file can give a pretty nice idea of what FET can do.

By the way, I locked the activities in the file for the sole purpose of convenience, on my computer the timetable was generated in about 7 minutes.
Here's a suggestion from a coworker: To help see difficult days/times, FET could have a statistics that shows the amount of available teachers at every period of the timetable, for example, if only teachers A, B, C and D are available at the first hour of every day, I imagine it should show something like:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Hour 14 4 4
Hour 26 2 4

I filled in random values for hour 2 just to have more detail

This should allow the user to quickly spot times where more teachers could be needed before the generation starts. Maybe in addition to the number of teachers also have the names?

I actually think this could be useful, what do you guys think? - Also, sorry if I'm creating too many posts here, just couldn't resist knowing your opinions! :)
Olá, pessoal.

Para maior suporte com o uso do FET, sugiro olhar os vídeos do canal Tutoriais Free. É um projeto iniciado por mim para dar maior atenção não apenas ao FET mas como a outros softwares. O canal que postei no tópico de boas vindas, também pertencente a mim, não será mais utilizado.


Os tutoriais são feitos no Ubuntu 12.04 mas, pode-se utilizá-los para as versões do Windows também.

Estou disponível para auxiliá-los com os horários de vocês.

Grande abraço,
Get Help / Different Lenghts of Classes
February 29, 2012, 04:12:21 PM
Hello Everybody,

I made some tutorials on how to use the basics of FET (in Portuguese - Brazil) and posted on youtube. Turns out that this morning someone posted a question on the video and I'm not finding a way to solve it and that's getting me nervous...

The problem is:
"A Year (I'll call it "6.A") has it's break time at 9.30, returning to classes at 9.50 . The other (I'll call it "7.A") has a regular class starting at 9.30. The problem is that the teacher that is set to teach 7.A at 9.30 is also set to teach 6.A at 9.50, which can not happen, how to fix that?"

What I thought was:

1) I'll set all of 6.A's activities with a tag, as if they were part of a group, like... "G1", so all activities of 6.A can be identified with a tag of "G1".
2) To 7.A's activities I'd set a tag of "G2" so once again, I could identify all of it's activities with that tag.

Problem is, I can't seem to find a way to prevent the teacher from being "taken" from G2 to G1 during that break (between G1's 2nd and 3rd class), here's what I can assume that are the periods hours IF the classes have the same duration on every period:

1st class  07:50 - 08:40
2nd class 08:40 - 09:30
Beak        09:30 - 09:50
3rd class  09:50 - 10:40

4th class  10:40 - 11:30
5th class  11:30 - 12:20

1st class  07:50 - 08:40
2nd class 08:40 - 09:30
3rd class  09:30 - 10:20
Break       10:20 - 10:40

4th class  10:40 - 11:30
5th class  11:30 - 12:20

In other words, the teacher starts his lecture in G2 at 09:30, but at 09:50 he's taken to G1 to lecture...

I also have to mention I have no experience with programming, so what can I do to prevent that teacher from being taken from the classes?

Guilherme - Brazil