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Started by Matsumoto, March 21, 2017, 11:32:40 AM

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I was wondering, while playing with the example files, if it would be useful to have a table with the teachers that are assigned to the subjects of a year, for example, if year 1-Q has subjects A, B and C, and Mrs. A teaches A, Mr. B teaches B and Sir C teaches C, there could be a table that has that information:

Example of all of the Year's teachers. Could be a table for each year, for printing.

Year / Subject A B C D
1-Q Mrs. A Mr. B Sir C ---
1-R Mrs. A Mr. B / Mr. E Sir C Mrs. A

Note that the "D" subject has a "---", for the year 1-Q, as the students do not have that subject, and I use the word "Year" but maybe that could be possible with the groups and subgroups. I used the year 1-R to have an example of multiple teachers with the same subject, too.

I do not know if this is useful or not, I imagined that for a very large timetable, with many years and teachers it'd be helpful to keep track of things. Perhaps a school would like to print such a teacher's list to their students at the beginning of the school year?
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Liviu Lalescu

Isn't this the activity planning dialog? And you can also export advanced statistics on the hard disk, please check them out.


Indeed, I have never seen the option to export advanced statistics, thanks for the tip!
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