Managing Norwegian "SEN hours"

Started by rozojc, November 13, 2023, 01:40:34 PM

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Liviu Lalescu

I understand. In this case, I'll try to do it benevolently. We can talk here about the new feature.

1) Are all the activities with duration 1?

2) To be easier for me, and maybe as a beginning test, we could add the maximum number of occupied time slots for each room in the room's comments, so that I don't need to add the implementation of a new constraint in the interface (which is a long and tedious process).

I will go now out for a walk; when I'll be back, probably in ~2 hours, I'll begin working.


Hi again, thank you, that is very kind of you.

Regarding duration. Do you mean the duration of these SEN activities I would add? They all would actually be of a duration of 2 periods (the way our timetable works is we have 30-min periods, with most classes taking two periods. For SEN, they would all be periods). However, I think it is fine to assume that they all have duration 1, because I could simply write down the number of hours the room can be used as twice what it really is (does this make sense?). The feature would have to be then that if the comment on a room is "4", it means that the room can only be used for a maximum of 4 lessons in a week (which in my case would equate to 2 lessons each one of two time slots).

I do use other rooms in our timetable, so this feature would have to run only on rooms where a comment is written, I imagine.

Not sure if I am over explaining, feel free to let me know if I am not making sense.

Liviu Lalescu

You are welcome!

So all the activities in your timetable have duration 2? Or only SEN, and the others can have duration 1 or 2?

I think it is best to write in the rooms the comments "2", for two activities. It is easiest for me.

Only rooms with an integer value comment.

I will begin work a bit later (now I need to do a bit of work on the official branch of FET) and let you know. Are you on Windows 10 or later, 64 bit?


In our timetable, regular classes have duration of 2, 1, and some have duration of 4. Each slot is 30 minutes. So for example, Math can have one 30-minute slot, one 1 hour class (so 2 slots) or even one 2 hour class (4 slots).

SEN hours for the most part would be 2 slots, but if it can simply be assumed that it is programed in a way that the comment "4" means that room/student can only be "used" for 4 slots in a week, it would be ideal. Because I can then type in the amount of hours as 30-min slots, and it would open more possibilities, where they could be allocated two different 1-slot lessons and that works fine for us as well.

Liviu Lalescu

OK, sure! I will try.

I will begin work in ~10 minutes, I hope.

You did not answer: do you need Windows 10 or later 64 bit executable?

Volker Dirr

ahh... I see "the teacher" problem. Sadly most teachers, like me, were pretty stupid. They bought many needed stuff themselves. They bought/buy books, paper, pencils, software ... themselves. Nearly all young teachers do it. But as soon as they get older they understand pretty fast that they only need to ask the school authorities for all this stuff. Of course some of them are short by money and might refuse the first time. The trick is to ask many times and in "worst" case say in a few classes something like "I like to do xxx with you, kids, but the school authorities don't want to pay for it". In normal case it doesn't take long then and you get the money for the needed stuff then. Of course it must be useful and not to expensive stuff. But books, software, computers, ... are useful. Teachers are normally not self-employed. They are employee and i never heard that for example a employed typist bought it's own computer or it's own software to do the work in an office.

Volker Dirr

Quote from: rozojc on November 15, 2023, 07:10:05 AMRegarding it being a strange constraint. Maybe, not sure. I did work in Sweden where the auditorium was shared between the primary and secondary and we were only allowed to use it X amount of times per week, so it would have been useful in that situation as well.

We also share rooms, but saying the number of hours doesn't help in most cases. In most cases you already know the number of hours per room before generating. If you want to share random slots, then you can just tell the free slots after generating. But in normal case we always must do it different, since we (both schools) might generate a timetable several times per year and in worst at the same time. So we always talk before generating and do "contracts" like "you can use the gym on Monday 1. - 4th hour and on Wednesday". So we only need "room not available" constraints to solve that problem.

Liviu Lalescu

I hope I did something good, download from here:

I only have one test file, with all activities with duration 1.

I will add your suggestion for this new constraint (to be implemented in the official FET) in the TODO.

Please let me know.


Thanks. Is this an installer, and if so, can I have two instances of FET installed (normal and this one) at the same time?
Huge thanks again. I am almost done with my day but will try it out tomorrow.

Liviu Lalescu

You are welcome!

It is an usual FET archive. Just that it is based on the latest snapshot from the future version 6.13.0 from my hard disk, that's why the long name.

Yes, you can have any FET-s installed and opened.