Activities on same place (not preferred)

Started by mikkojoo, June 10, 2024, 08:25:04 AM

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Very nice timetables here again. Many thanks for this software!!!

One thing we are thinking about:
Same activity seems to go on same time, on different weekdays. That is not preferred in our system.
We have Mon-Fri week, four lessons every day. We would like to have for example mathematics so, that activities preferably are on different times, not same time every day.
It seems that FET prefers same time for same subject?

BR Mikko

Liviu Lalescu

Hello! You are welcome! :)

FET will not constrain anything unless instructed. It is not preferred. It is luck or other constraints. But you can ensure the desired behavior using the constraint subactivities preferred times. For example, mathematics A1,A2,A3,A4,A5. Add a constraint with split index 1 (which corresponds to A1), allowed only the first hour, another constraint with split index 2 (for A2), allowed only the second hour, or something like that, etc.


Liviu Lalescu

You're welcome! You should have asked earlier, in time to implement it for this year.

Maybe you would like to send your fet file so I can have a look.