TiTiTo 8.5.4 released - DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Started by Volker Dirr, March 30, 2024, 09:56:26 AM

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Volker Dirr

I released a new TiTiTo version.

You can download the new version here:
Windows 10 or higher: https://www.volker-dirr.de/TiTiTo-8.5.4.exe
MacOS 14 or higher for M1, M2, M3: https://www.volker-dirr.de/TiTiTo-8.5.4-MacOS-ARM.dmg
MacOS 11 or higher for Intel (or ARM): https://www.volker-dirr.de/TiTiTo-8.5.4-MacOS-x86.dmg
Linux 64bit: https://www.volker-dirr.de/TiTiTo-8.5.4-Linux-x86-64.AppImage

8.0.0: - updated to Qt 6.5
8.0.1: - updated to GCC 11.3.0
8.0.2: - add icon if it is the last activity in the room on that day (timetables and substitution tables)
8.0.3: - improved warnings
8.0.4: - last room usage is now configurable
8.0.5: - optional skip marking last room usage, if it is the last hour
8.0.6: - updated the translations
8.0.7: - replaced size() and move() to geometry(). This avoids problems, if the (virtual)-screen is changed
8.0.8: - increased minimum size for some dialogs

8.1.0: - delete, copy and paste supervision
8.1.1: - improved warnings
8.1.2: - added Windows batch files to start with another style
8.1.3: - slightly improved the dark mode (still not perfect, but some words and numbers are not invisible anymore)
8.1.4: - optional don't mark last room usage if it is a supervision activity
8.1.5: - optional don't mark last room usage if it is at a supervision hour
8.1.6: - updated to Qt 6.5.3 (fixed scroll bar for RTL users)

8.2.0: - gp-Untis GPU014 CSV substitution file can be optionally exported (useful for digital class books)
8.2.1: - Untis CSV export can skip supervision
8.2.2: - Untis CSV export can skip export activities without students
8.2.3: - Untis CSV export can split activities with more than 2 students (this is not supported by all 3rd party tools)
8.2.4: - improved dark mode some more by selecting colors in the settings (it's possible to invert colors of drawings now)
8.2.5: - changing the size values in the supervision planing dialog immediately changes the drawing
8.2.6: - 'Publish at Startup' includes now not only the start up of the software, but also the start up of a new day
8.2.7: - updated the translations

8.3.0: - rewrote the printing source
8.3.1: - minor bug fix: The first alternative icon for a last activity won't be overwritten anymore by the current icon
8.3.2: - source clean up (use std::as_const instead of qAsConst)
8.3.3: - Hyperlinks can now be copied and/or opened in an external web browser
8.3.4: - gp-Untis GPU014 CSV file optionaly includes private, general, teachers and/or students comments
8.3.5: - source clean up (using QFileDevice::NoError)
8.3.6: - improved warnings
8.3.7: - small bug fix while saving Untis dialog settings
8.3.8: - bug fix in the teacher statistics (it failed if there were more teachers than subgroups)

8.4.0: - print and export buildings tables
8.4.1: - rooms statistics in TiTiTo -> Statistics -> Rooms Activities
8.4.2: - rooms statistics in TiTiTo -> Timetables -> Export and Print
8.4.3: - source clean up (removed most SIGNAL(stateChanged(int)) )
8.4.4: - export to Willi doesn't crash anymore if there are activities without a subject
8.4.5: - rewrote the move forward algorithm (bug fix if SQL is limited to a max depth of 1000)
8.4.6: - rewrote the view and schedule students dialog (bug fix if SQL is limited to a max depth of 1000)
8.4.7: - rewrote the students ical export (bug fix if SQL is limited to a max depth of 1000)
8.4.8: - improved the validation of the database
8.4.9: - updated the translations

8.5.0: - gp-Untis GPU009 CSV supervision file can be exported
8.5.1: - speed up the tables print dialog
8.5.2: - source clean up (get rid of cassert)
8.5.3: - rewrote the export substitution tables (should be faster now)
8.5.4: - improved GPU014 export