Excited about results of timetable, maybe we can more

Started by infoo_, December 19, 2023, 01:41:38 AM

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After 31 minutes (see image):

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I came up with this timetable (attached) and I am excited about the results!

Achievements of the current timetable:

1) Found that min days between acts was not possible if I didn't split an activity of duration=2 into two acts of duration=1 each one (and adding a new min days constraint)

2) Set Maximum gaps per day=1 on some teachers

Need your help in this problems of the current timetable (first is prioritary):

1) Caceres has 6 hours on a day with activity tag 5B, that's a lot. Maybe use: "Teacher CACERES for activity tag 5B has max 4 hours daily, WP:100%" or max 2

2) Rodriguez and Talarico has 4 gaps per week, try to reduce to 3 or 2

3) Same problem 1) with Arrizabalaga (has 6 hours on a day with activity tag 5C)

4) Set min hours daily=2 for Ferreyra

5) Set min hours daily=2 for Arrizabalaga

6) Set min hours daily=2 for Russo

7) Pasquali has 3 gaps on Miercoles, try to reduce 2 or 1

8 ) Try to minimize min days for Ferreyra, Accorinti and Arrizabalaga

9) Teacher _SIN ASIGNAR means that there are no teachers that can teach those subjects. So try preferred time slots on hours 7º 11:25-12:05, 8º 12:05-12:45, 7º 17:10-17:50 and 8º 17:50-18:30 (because acts has durations=1 or 2) so that groups has not free hours

If you can't help me with all of them, please consider tell me what acts are problematic so I take a look

It's a challenge but I think it can be done!

Thank for the kind help