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The macOS version of FET-6.19.5 is now available.
FET-6.19.4 for macOS is now available.
 FET-6.19.3 for macOS is now available.
FET-6.19.2 for macOS is now available.
FET-6.19.1 for macOS is now available, and many thanks to Liviu as well!
FET-6.19.0 for macOS is now available.
It's easy to get this info from the timetable csv export, isn't it?
The macOS version of FET-6.18.1 is now available.
The macOS version of FET-6.18.0 is now available.
FET-6.17.0 for macOS is now available.

And thanks to you, Liviu, and to Volker, for your work on this software that is so essential to so many schools around the world!  :)
FET-6.16.1 for macOS is now available.
I've got a few older versions that might work, but I can't tell you which you'd need.

A selection of older macOS versions of FET can be found here.

Good luck!
Quote from: maxi_mus on February 02, 2024, 10:40:23 AMI would be very grateful if someone could try and reproduce this bug, I find it highly unlikely that it's affecting just me. Having to choose every activity individually is very cumbersome as the filters are not working.

I think everyone here has tried (unsuccessfully) to reproduce this bug. Volker's suggestion is a good next step, but it seems like a rather isolated issue (since this involves very basic FET functionality, I think we would have heard about this from other FET users on macOS if it were more widespread). I've tried on two machines without issue (macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 on a Mac Mini M2 Pro, and on an M1 MacBook Pro).
Quote from: maxi_mus on January 10, 2024, 08:41:43 PMyou can just open a new file, define one subject and one activity, and then the crash is reproducible to me.

I've just tried, this, then gone to Space>Activities>An activity has a preferred room and selected Add. I'm then able to select Add constraint, at which point I get an Invalid Room alert – no crash.
Hi all, sorry, I hadn't seen this thread until now. I also can't reproduce this issue, and I'm also on a Mac Mini M2 Pro.