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Started by aboudbousaada, August 10, 2016, 12:51:18 PM

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class 1as examine each tri particular substance with automated media
For example:
In the first three months: study in the secondary are FOLLOWS
                       2 hours: Mechanical / Computer Engineering
                       +1 Hour: Mechanical Engineering
                       +1 Hour: Computer
In the second three months:
                        2 hours:: Electrical Engineering / notification to the
                      +1 Hour: Electrical Engineering
                       +1 Hour: Computer
The third in three months:
                         2 hours:: methods / notification to the Engineering
                       +1 Hour: the modalities of Engineering
                      +1 Hour: Computer
 Means the school year is divided into three periods in each period studied section particular substance with automated media

Benahmed Abdelkrim

to find the solution you need to use: Activity tags and dummy activities .
The problem is already solved, please follow this link:

Sorry Mr. Liviu for answered :)