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Started by giardiniere, January 08, 2023, 10:24:17 PM

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Hi Liviu, happy new year and congratulations for 6.80 release: advanced filter and new buttons are very useful.

I suggest, if possible, to add also "Lock/Unlock" button in the activities/subactivities dialog.

Thank you for your great work

Liviu Lalescu

Happy New Year! Thank you!

It is now 00:38 here, but I will think and answer tomorrow or a bit later. And other users and @Volker Dirr , please also consider replying.

Liviu Lalescu

Hello, giardiniere,

I thought a bit. It would not be very good to add lock/unlock buttons in the (sub)activities dialog, because they belong to the timetable, not to the data.

But I will not reject your proposal. If you want, we could start by trying to implement this functionality as a custom version, and see how it behaves.

But I am not sure why you are suggesting this feature. After generating the timetable, can't you just see the teachers/students time horizontal timetable, and lock/unlock for a specific teacher/students set? What other functionality is missing?

Also, if you go to the all time/space constraints, you can apply an intelligent filter and activate/deactivate all the listed locking constraints. (It is true, you can only unlock, not lock the activities in this way.)

Volker Dirr

I agree with you (Liviu). In fact i also see it a bit more strict. In my opinion the lock/unlock feature is used much to much by some users. Some of them lock stuff that must in fact not be locked. Adding that also in the subactivities form might point users a wrong way how to do good timetables.


The fact is that sometimes it happens to me, starting from a blocked timetable, to regenerate it for having introduced or updated some constraints and then to progressively unblock the activities depending on the possibility of FET being able to close the timetable.
The idea is to have an advanced lock/unlock function compared to the one already existing in "Advanced lock/unlock" which is called "Lock/unlock all activities with a specified activity tag" and which I find very useful.
So in fact this function could be added not in "Modify subactivities" but in "Advanced lock/unlock" and could be called "Lock/unlock activities by filters".

Liviu Lalescu

I think this is nice.

Please tell me: filter on description / detailed description of activity is enough?


Thak you Liviu. In filter, I see: "Description", "Detailed description" and "Detailed description with constraints": what are the differences? (Sorry if the question is stupid)

Liviu Lalescu

Short description of the activity (as in the list), detailed (as on the right, but without constraints), and det. descr. with constraints (as on the right, detailed activity).


I think description / detailed description of activity is enough

Liviu Lalescu

I did it, it will be added in the next version. Thank you for suggesting!