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One suggestion: Is it possible to make mornings/afternoons mode with a different number of periods in each one? In my school (and I believe in many schools in Portugal) the number of hours in the mornings is greater than the ones in the afternoons (in our institution, 6 in the morning and 2 to 4 in the afternoons, depending of the school year). Of course the program works as is, but when trying to print the timetables, they become nearly unreadables, as they end up using more than one page...

Thanks in advance,

In desperate need of help...

I need to assure that two activities are consecutive - "Desenho" and "Apoio Desenho" must come one after the other, with a gap in between. This is for one class in particular, but there are many other classes that I must guarantee that two activities are consecutive.

When using Official Mode, I can add that constraint and FET gives me timetables without breaking a sweat.

This time, I need to use Mornings/Afternoons mode (most of the times students have classes in the morning and after lunch). When adding that constraint ("Desenho" and "Apoio Desenho" are consecutive), FET is unable to give possible timetables. When I remove the constraint, in some of the timetables FET gives they are consecutive. I suspect that this might be a bug - it is clearly possible that the two are consecutive, but when adding the constraint, FET doesn't give me a solution.


I'd like do give a suggestion for a future feature, that would come in handy.

In my school, and in most of the cases, teachers have classes before and after lunchtime - as well as the students. If the teacher has a gap before lunchtime, that doesn't count as a gap in his timetable, but as a larger lunch break. This can also apply to the students - they can't have gaps in their timetables in the middle of the morning, but if a gap is before lunchtime, that doesn't count as such.

The lunchtime is from 13:35 till 14:45. There are two immediate classes, from 12:05-12:50 and from 12:50-13:35. If a teacher has no activity from 12:50-13:35, this doesn't count as a gap, but as a larger lunch break.

If this could be implemented in a future version of the software, would come in handy!

Best regards!

First of all, many thanks for this software - this is the first time using it (I've been making schedules for a School, were my colleagues are old school and insisted doing it by hand - 3 weeks of my life down the drain every July). I'm hoping to skip this (bad) routine this year, using this software.

I have most of the time constrains figured out, but there are two or three problems that I can't overcome:

In my school, from 5th to 8th grade, the kids must have classes in the afternoon (mandatory), 5 times per week; in the block from 12:05 and the 13:35 (2x 45 minutes) they will necessarily have some free time (a larger lunch break) - some days they end classes at 12:05, some at 12:50, and some at 13:35. But, when I define that the students must not have gaps in their schedule, FET uses all of this blocks, and some days in the afternoon are free. Of course I can manually define what times from monday to friday, from 12:05 to 13:35 should be free, but that adds constraints that can block a "pretty" overall schedule. How can I define this?

For some reason, when I dont specifficaly define a prefered room for a class, it leaves the activity without assigned room. We don't have a room assigned for each class - the older kids use the vacant rooms when their colleagues go to PE, computer rooms, labs, and so. How can FET assing a free room when there is no specific room defined?

Best regards,

Nelson Gomes