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I am not talking about 'More activities per room'. I am talking about assigning teachers automatically.

1) Say, activities are created with students and subjects (without teachers)

Currently, FET assigns these activities to rooms (subjected to the constraints).

Similarly, you can include an option to assign teachers automatically, if a user wants FET to do so. User may be given option to toggle/untoggle the feature of assigning teachers automatically.

This way official FET can be used for both Regular aswellas exam timetables
Liviu, I think you can increase the capability of official FET by giving an option to enable random assignment of teachers to rooms. Like you assign an activity (subject+student set) to a room if teacher(s) is/are also assigned to the room, then FET official can be used for regular as well as Exam timetables.

I don't think it is much difficult for you. It is just a suggestion to improve FET. I guess many users will be benefited.
Get Help / Re: Assignment of arbitrary teacher
December 03, 2019, 10:44:32 AM
Even I am also looking for something like 'automatic teacher assignment'
Suggestions / Re: Active flag for teachers
November 23, 2019, 06:26:49 AM
This is a nice idea
Quote from: Liviu Lalescu on October 22, 2019, 04:11:33 PM
With Volker's help and code I did this custom version (to write "INTERVAL" in the breaks, with uniting the cells). Please get it from

Liviu, instead of a custom version, you can consider including this in settings -> timetables -> "Mark break slots with custom text". Let the user decide, whether s/he wants to use the default '-X-' or any custom text. Similarly for 'uniting' the cells.

(1) can be handled by the below trick though
1) VR-2 (Virtual room-2) will have 2 sets
2) VR-3 (Virtual room-3) will have 3 sets
VR-infinity :P

(2) need to look for a trick...
Some improvements:

1) If there are 4 sets with one real room (capacity of each real room:30) in each set. If an activity with 90 students needs to be scheduled then the present form of virtual rooms "allot" all 4 real rooms (example attached) whereas only three real rooms are sufficient to cater to 60 90 students.

If only three real rooms are allotted then the fourth real room can be utilized for another activity with 30 students.

2) Virtual room capacity should be variable based on the capacity of real rooms in it. User shouldn't be asked to specify it.
Quote from: Liviu Lalescu on September 25, 2019, 10:30:05 PM
I added a new snapshot.

Maybe you can think to extend the virtual rooms feature to virtual activities. A virtual activity contains 2 or more real activities. This way 2 or more activities can be scheduled in one room (eg: something like a big hall)
Virtual rooms idea is great and working perfectly. I tried checking by considering 3 sets with one real room in each set.

Since, FET is picking one real room from each set to assign an activity to virtual room, I couldn't think about the practical application of having 2 or more real rooms in each set.
It is easy...

Create an Year: say Year-1
Create 10 groups: G1, G2, G3, G4, L1, L2, L3,..... L6
Create subgroups:
1) G1L1: common for both G1 and L1
2) G1L2: common for both G1 and L2
3) G1L3:                                 G1 and L3
4) G2L3:                                 G2 and L3

and so on.....

You can use divide year option, but you need to delete lot of unnecessary subgroups manually.
Yes Liviu, you got me correctly. If the student roll numbers (sub groups) are grouped together as per subjects aswellas classes, all activities can be added directly to the groups. This way, subgroups will not be printed in each timetable.
Quote from: desk7 on June 25, 2019, 03:53:47 PM
Thanks. I mean that in every timetable subgroups appear.

I too added each student as subgroup. But, I didn't face the problem of subgroups getting appeared in every timetable. Check the example India-> Kurukshetra -> Institute of Technology.

By any chance are you adding activities to subgroups also?
Quote from: desk7 on June 25, 2019, 02:43:32 PM
In css level 7 I used the option display:none but in level 1 (useful for printing) I can't do that. How could I solve?

I doubt if I understand it correctly.
You can simply disable printing subgroup timetables. Or delete the rows corresponding to subgroups in index.html
Get Help / Re: Specifying paired time periods query
June 19, 2019, 03:02:15 AM
1) Impose the constraint all activities have preferred starting times (hours) by selecting 1st and 3rd periods of all days


2) simply add a break time between 2nd and 3rd period. (this works only if you don't split the activity. If you split the activity then it may be spanned over break.
Add a dummy activity to the teacher with no student set. Now add a constraint "Activity has preferred starting times" and select 5th and 6th hour for this dummy activity.