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I just want to not need to count it every time creating a weekly timetable (for 10 classes with different amount of study hours).
I'll still hope you like it someday

Thank you for your attention.
Wish you good health to contribute more to the community
thank you for the very quick reply and the problem #1 has been solved in a simple way
I have a hint for you in problem #2 in the picture.
Looking forward to receiving your support to shorten data entry time
Thank you
Hi author
Thanks to the author for creating a useful software, me and the school leader have saved a lot of time when using FET.
Today I have 2 problems in Morning Afternoon mode (5 hours/day)
1. It is a subject that needs to be tested for 2 hours in a row, there are 3 classes that need to be tested on the same real day to ensure objectivity. However when using RB "A set of activities has same starting day (any hours)" it is not possible because the constraint is for FET day and 2 hours x3 class = 6 hours 1 fet day has only 5 hours.
2. When adding the constraint "A student set's not available time" to each class I have to count the number of available spaces multiple times.
I suggest
1. can add constraint"A set of activities has same starting real day (any hours)". if possible this constraint would be easier to arrange for other situations because the timetable has more space.

2, It is possible to add an automatic space (allowed) counting function available in the "student set's not available time" interface so that the user does not have to re-count when the number of lessons is sporadic
Thanks very much
Suggestions / View/check locked activities easilyer
October 01, 2022, 02:27:39 AM
I have a problem
After arranging the timetable
fixed schedule on Monday, rearranged schedule from Tuesday to Friday (the school is adding teachers). I used the lock and unlock function in the FET. However, when adding teachers and activities, I cannot see the timetable (which days are locked and which are not). This caused me to use sketches (pen and paper) to record actions, which I did wrong and had to redo many times.
Checking in the "All time contraints" section is difficult when the number of activities locked in a day is large but sorted by list (up to 50)
On the other hand, many people who don't understand FET well will also have difficulty when some activities are locked but cannot be viewed in the teacher/student interface, affecting the binding resulting can't create new timetable
Suggestion: Can view/check locked activities (no need to Genarate new timetable) in teacher/student interface or any other way can easily view and check locked activities easy way by matrix

Các bạn truy cập vào link youtube trên để xem hướng dẫn
Các hướng dẫn sẽ được cập nhật thường xuyên

0. Giới thiệu phần mềm

1. Nhập dữ liệu

2. Ràng buộc cơ bản

Xuất thời khoá biểu ra Excel, HTML, CSV ...

Cài đặt ngôn ngữ tiếng Việt, cài đặt màu cho TKB, xuất thời khoá biểu HTML màu mè, dễ nhìn cho giáo viên, học sinh và lãnh đạo.

3. Ràng buộc nâng cao
3.1 Thể dục (GDTC) không xếp tiết 5

3.2 Số tiết dạy tối đa mỗi buổi cho (tất cả) giáo viên

3.3 Chia sẻ phòng học chức năng (02 giáo viên Tin học nhưng chỉ có 01 phòng tin, tương tự với các môn Vật lý, Hoá học, Thể dục ... . Các thầy cô dạy hỗ trợ nhau khi một người đi công tác)

3.4 San đều tiết 5 cho giáo viên

3.5 Số tiết nghỉ xen kẽ tối đa (mỗi buổi đối với GV)

3.6 Có nhiều điểm trường/phân hiệu

Cảm ơn tác giả
Một góc nhỏ để người Việt giao lưu, trao đổi chia sẻ kinh nghiệm xếp thời khoá biểu
Các bạn vui lòng đăng các câu hỏi, hay chia sẻ cách làm để xây dựng một cộng đồng ngày càng lớn mạnh và được sử dụng dịch vụ MIỄN PHÍ
Lưu ý:
1. Không quảng cáo, buôn bán bất kỳ thứ gì trên diễn đàn chung này. Mọi bài viết vi phạm sẽ bị xoá không báo trước
2. Nếu có thể, bạn hãy cân nhắc ủng hộ cho dự án FET, nó miễn phí nhưng tác giả rất nhiệt tình và mẫn cán với công việc

Well thank you very much. I will do that, and continuously try to make the software widely available
I use Google translate
Suggestion: create a forum to support Vietnam (Support FET (International)) for the Vietnamese community to use FET to exchange easily
thank you!
I use Google translate
Ok tks
Help me please!
Thank you for your help
here are 4 math lessons per week, are there any constraints so that these lessons are not arranged on 4 consecutive days (maximum 3 consecutive days of study for the subject, the purpose is that students have less difficulty with other subjects? difficult). For example: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday...
I tried it today, it really helps, however
Adding activity cards every teaching hour is very time consuming, perhaps we need a tool that can add activity cards for an entire subject?
I use Google translate
I have a small question
Math, physics, chemistry ... is a logical and difficult subject for students, arranging a daily schedule with all 3 subjects will cause overload.
Is there a constraint that solves the problem of only placing 2 out of n subjects in a day?
Quote from: Liviu Lalescu on May 24, 2022, 08:56:02 AMI have received a request from Ngô Minh Ngọc (user ngoctp29121982) to translate to Vietnamese. If the old translator does not answer in a month, I need to consider he will be the newly assigned translator.

My name is Phạm Văn Quyền Anh, i agree