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Started by math, December 03, 2019, 08:57:17 AM

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I have the following scenario: we have some activities where we need a second teacher. This second teacher is not actually teaching, but supervising the students, so that the first teacher can fully focus on interacting with attending students. Hence, being assigned as second teacher is kind of boring, so that nobody actually wants to do this job. Our solution is that we distribute the workload among all teachers, so that everybody has to work as secondary teacher for some hours each week.

From the scheduling perspective I would like to be able to define an activity with two teachers. The first one is fixed, whereas the second teacher might be some arbitrary teacher from a set of teachers.

Is there a way of modeling this with FET? At the moment I'm thinking about some kind of virtual teacher that is modeled as a set of real teachers, but I did not find anything like that in FET.


Even I am also looking for something like 'automatic teacher assignment'

Liviu Lalescu

In the official FET, each activity has a clearly specified set of teachers. It is a fundamental change to do otherwise.

We developed FET-AAT (see the custom FET versions), allocating activities to teachers. The idea is to allocate activities with only students and subject to FET days = real teachers and FET hours = real time slots (day and hour).

Another possible approach is to consider a real teacher = a room and assign activities to rooms.

To math: And maybe another possible approach is to use tricks and the new constraints. So for each possible double-taught activity add for each second possible teacher an activity with only this teacher, then these dummy activities are not overlapping (one constraint), then the dummy activities and the original activity occupy max+min n_dummy_activities slots (two constraints).


fet AAT will be a great deveolopment
because sometilimes fet can not solve difficult timetables
but if it is given the possibility to select teachers I think it would be easier for o solve

Thanks mr LIVIU for everything you are doing for us

I have only one demand if you could in the future
could make a version of FET AAT departing from the Algerian custome version?

Liviu Lalescu

It is much more complicated than this, sorry. You can read the help of FET AAT and the readme.txt.

Volker Dirr

It sound like the exact teacher name doesn't matter and if you don't always need them.
In that case you might nearly randomly place them. Maybe with a max activities per slot constraint to those activities, so you won't have got too many teachers at the same time.


sorry I thought it is easy
anway i have a small  idea may be it would be helpful
a custom version : we put as data students sets + subjects + rooms + teachers with specific subjects + activities without teachers
THEN we put constraints for stdents and teachers and place and so on
HERE fet will each time chooses the teacher for each stdents set :)


Volker Dirr

Did you tried to randomly select a teacher yourself and place them? I do it with teamteaching activities. It is working fine, but i have got only a very low number of those activities. So you might try that.

Second idea: From your first post: "not actually teaching, but supervising the students".
So it sound like a Math teacher can observ also History, ... So in fact the subject doesn't matter. You might simpify your dataset very much by that.


Volker Dirr

ah. OK. I though you was only thinking about the teacher that is observing; since that sound very randomly.

The other part is activity planning. My personal opinion about that is that there are too many other constraints needed, since the activity planning isn't totaly randomly. So for example you try to keep the teacher from the last year, but you maybe want to keep him only for 2 or 3 years. Or if the teacher is teaching Math, then he should also teach his second subject in that class too, ... So there are a lot of rules like that at our school. Adding all that rules take much more time then doing the activity planning manualy. But you might try one of the custom FET versions.


Sorry Sir but i think i did not mange to explain my idea well


my idea has nothing to do with ( last year)
my idea consists of FET chooses the teacher to teach students set a subject ( the teacher is qualified to teach )

Liviu Lalescu

bachiri401: I think you are referring to something like FET-AAP. It has two phases: one to allocate teachers for the students, the second to allocate the activities in time.

Or something like FET-AAT, allocate directly activities to times and teachers. But many constraints are missing for the teachers/students, if you need them.

But these custom versions are designed specifically for these users' institutions (have more customizations).


i just wanted to make fet free to choose teachers so that difficult timetables will solve
because sometimes in a difficult timetable we change the teacher for some students the timetable will solve

i wanted not exige a teacher to teach a group of students    i wanted to exige that a group of students is taught a subject by a qualified teacher of the subject ( without specifying which one)

Liviu Lalescu

Yes, I understood, but unfortunately if you let FET choose the teacher it will not be able to optimize so well the constraints for the teachers. I showed you above the two possible approaches.