Changed one teacher available times -- generation takes too long

Started by infoo_, February 23, 2023, 05:35:25 PM

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Recently Teacher BF restricted its available times, so I need to work with this change but the generation takes too long. I waited for ~28 minutes and it stucks around 309/325 319/323 activities.

The FET file is attached.

Can someone try with more threads, please? Or instead, flexibilize some constraints but give me warnings about what constraints were modified.

In the meantime I am trying without success.

Teacher Q must have max gaps per day = 0 or 1 (in the file is set 1).

Thank you!

EDIT: Teacher BF restricted even more than I thought. I upload the updated FET file while I am generating. I also deactivated

X - Teacher min hours daily, WP:100%, T:Teacher BF, mH:2, AED:yes
X - Teacher max gaps per day, WP:100%, T:Teacher BF, MG:2

so we can play a little more. But it would be great if those restrictions are activated again. Also we can temporally remove min days between activities of this teacher, but it should be necessary to keep them activated.


After 36 minutes it was generated. But I think I deactivated some "important" constraint.