Multiple problems, can we solve one by one?

Started by infoo_, March 21, 2023, 04:27:39 AM

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We had a pretty decent timetable. Recently a teacher changed its available times, so we need to reestructurate some preferred starting times. The teacher only teachs in "Afternoon hours" (the last 8 periods of 16 total periods), so only "afternoon" activities should be moved.

Below there is a list of problems and each problem have its corresponding problematic FET file, and I have attached a rar with a working FET file (the generation takes around 1 min).

Each Problem is commented in the files with a comment "OP: Problem X" e.g. OP: Problem C-1

Problem A: Acts of Teacher A should have a set of preferred time slots on Martes, Miércoles and Jueves. It seems it placed on Viernes but we want to place on Jueves.

Problem B: Teacher B and Teacher M are the same, and both teachers didn't teach on Lunes afternoon. But now it seems one of them (B) should teach on Lunes afternoon. We want to place its activities everywhere except Lunes afternoon.

Problem C-1: Before it seems that min days between activities was broken:

id=118 (    1/5 - AM - MATEMÁTICA - 2C - 2C)
id=117 (    2/5 - AM - MATEMÁTICA - 2C - 2C)

Now I would like to know if we can solve this issue.

Problem C-2: Also, related to teacher AM, before he had gaps = 4 on Miércoles only. But now, every generation shows that he has gaps = 4 on Martes and gaps = 6 on Miércoles. The latter is very frustrating. Could we reduce to max gaps per day = 4 or 3?

Problem D: Teacher BA usually have max gaps per day = 3, every week usually he has 8 gaps (I'm not counting the gap of the morning, since we should keep morning locked). Could we reduce to max gaps per day = 2 or something like max gaps per week = 7 or 6?

Problem E (should be solved after Problem A or Problem B): We would like to have Teacher AN teaching Matemática in 2C and Teacher AM teaching Matemática in 3C. But it seems impossible when I generate.

Each FET file is a separated problem file. We wish to achieve at least one satisfactory file, and then try to solve multiple problems in one FET file by combining several problems into one and try to generate a FET file. For example, Problem A was solved; then try to add Problem B into Problem A FET file and generate.

Important: Some constraints related to preferred starting time are activated. They are the "morning" activities. All my attempts were with this constraints activated since the teacher's available times change was only of "afternoon" activities, so there is no need to move activities of the morning. But, if you find that some problem is solved by deactivating some acts preferred starting times of the "morning", please let me know. I should ask for permission if we move some activity of the morning.

Can someone try to solve at least one problem with more threads, please? I tried ~5 minutes each generation but I couldn't solve any of the above issues.

All you have to do is open each Problem file, generate and see if it is completed. Then try to 1) Combine two problems into one and try to finish it, 2) if 1) is impossible, you can disable activities preferred starting times of the "morning" hours (not recommended, but possible if strictly necessary).

Thank you!!