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Started by henriquebelo, April 29, 2023, 12:04:41 AM

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We are currently working on ending the school year and arranging all student timetables to ensure that all classes finish on time.

To achieve this, we replicate one timetable for 6 or 7 weeks to determine the number of classes of each subject required to complete the total number of classes.

I have noticed that having a button to deactivate an activity in the timetable view, just like the one that currently exists in the activities section, would make it much easier to manage timetables, we can manage this by see the activitie ID and going to the Data-> activities and Deactivate, but in the Timetable view is better and fast.

However, it should be a note saying that deactivating an activity could have certain limitations that might prevent the timetable from being generated correctly because some related constraiants.

Liviu Lalescu


Thank you for the suggestion! I added it in the TODO list.