Allocating more than one activities in one big room in the same time

Started by xing, July 06, 2023, 11:37:47 AM

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have idea how to set the data to make it possible that allocating more activities in one big room in the same time.

We have a very large playground which can hold maximum 1000 students. We want different spots activities with the same or maytbe different teachers can take place on the playground at the same time. I have no idea how to set the fet data to make it work.

Thanks for any help.


Different activities have not to be must the same time, but just allow them to take place at the only playground at the same time, actually it equals to allow the playground to held more than one activities in the same time as long as it doesn't exceed maximum capacity.


One solution may be add more fake rooms, but how to restrict the student number not to exceed the capacity of the real room.

Volker Dirr

I do it similar with our gym room. In fact it is only 1 room, but i added 3 rooms for it.
Since an activity has only max ~30 students, there ill be max 90 students in the gym.

I think you can do it similar:
How many students do you ant to place max in the playgroud?
How many students does the largest activity has?
Divide that 2 numbers and then you know how many room you need to add.


It seems the only solution until now.

I wonder is it possible to add one extra attribute for rooms, like "shared" or something else. If a room's shared=True, it will allow more activities in the same time as long as the capacity is satisfied, if shared=False, it is just a normal room.

Volker Dirr

Intrestinig suggestion. We will think about it.

But on the other hand i am not sure if that is needed in real situation. For example for our gym it will never help, since all classes have a very similar size (between 25 and 32 students). So i can always place 3 groups in the gym, but never 4 groups, since there are always too many students then.

Is the size of your groups so different and do you have enough sport teachers that all can be on the same time on the playground?

So what is the max number of activities that you can place on the playground (so if you count all your smallest groups)?
Do you have enough sport teachers for all that groups at the same time?
And what is the lowest number of activities on the playground (so by counting all your largest groups)?
(I don't talk about theory values. I mean the exact values from your school right now.)


I tried to attach the fet file but it is 1MB which exceed the allowed size.

So I attach a figure which shows the room constraints related to the playground.

There are totally 18 subactivities which prefer the room 10318, which is the playground, but they come from 9 activities.
So actually there are 9 different sport teachers, each teaches one class two times a week. The capacity of playground is 1000, every class has almost equal number of students which is 50.
So the maximum students simultaneously is around 450, and 8 extra rooms it needs to add by your calculation.
I can get timetables by adding 3 extra vitual rooms after tried several times. Actuall I can add as many as I want since even all these 9 calss have sports simultaneously is ok.

I have a question about your case, when you add 2 extra gym rooms, do you split the real gym's capacity to the added rooms or make them all have the same capacity as the real gym?

In your last replay, you said "How many students do you ant to place max in the playgroud?", do you mean the capacity of the real room?

Is the "Shared" room programly difficult?
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Volker Dirr

Just compress/zip the fet file (right click on the file name and sent to zip / compress).

But i think you don't need that, since you wrote all needed information about your problem.

I don't use virtual room for this. Virtual rooms are used for the opposite: Use 2 or more rooms for one activity.

You only need to use real FET rooms. In fact i don't use the capacity feature at all. I can handle it at  my school without that.
I just call the rooms "gym 1", "gym 2" and "gym 3".

I think you can do it similar, just with 9 normal/real rooms.

So maybe also call the rooms only "playground 1", ... so it is short. The teachers are normaly clever enough to talk to each other and select the correct area.
In "worst" case write more detailed like "playground red area", "playground at the tree", "playground sand field", "playground grass field", ... or soething like that (i don't know your location).