Locking activities between certain hours

Started by Cyrus Ireri, April 27, 2024, 05:24:35 AM

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Cyrus Ireri

I wish to have fet give teachers free afternoons (1 day weekly for all teachers) and it has done perfectly.Incase i regenerate,i realize they keep changing days.Is it possible to lock activities between certain hours e.g 8-10 so that the day they are given by the program will not keep on changing any time i regenerate?kindly assist

Volker Dirr

In my opinion, if you already published a timetable and need to regenerate, but want to keep the free afternoons, then you shouldn't lock the activities. The only (maybe) needed feature is, that the free afternoon stays free. And the best way is to just set a teacher not available constraint for the free afternoon(s).