How to deal with tutorials in timetable

Started by perdidostreet, May 13, 2024, 02:26:14 PM

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I was wondering if there is a way to schedule individual student tutorials into the timetable.

To give a brief over of what I want to do and the constraints:
I have 19 students.
I want to meet them twice per semester for a 20-minute tutorial.
Ideally, I would meet three of them in a row and collectively it will last 1 hour.
I have a separate tutorial room, just for 1-to-1 tutorials, I can only hold one student.

What would be the best way to approach this?


I also don't quite get how to split into tutorial groups between certain dates. So if I want tutorials on for 2 months, and then stop them for the rest of the year, or how to start them back up again at a later date.

Liviu Lalescu


FET does usually a weekly timetable. But the number of allowed days per week is very large (1000), so you can implement the timetable for a whole year. Also, for this purpose we developed the Terms mode (used in Finland), having 4 additional types of time constraints (you can see them last, in the activities time constraints for this mode).

You could add each separate student as a FET subgroup, in a group/year.

There is a constraint type 3 activities grouped, or activities same starting day and max hourly span between a set of activities.

If you decide to add 365 FET days per week, it might work, but the timetable for each real week will be different, unless you add many constraints to take care of this.


Thanks for your reply. I actually think I will stick to the weekly method then. If anything deviates from this it doesn't matter so much because I have to translate this into CELCAT anyway.

Thanks so much for creating this software, I can tell it will be really handy going forward.

Liviu Lalescu

You are welcome! Thank you for your kind words! I hope FET will be helpful.

Note: FET allows 1440 "hours per day", but I would recommend you to use a FET hour = 20 real-life minutes, so you don't have too many FET hours per day. We did not test I think more than 90 FET hours per day, or have reports from users about this. But it might work.

Also, I might have been wrong with my suggestion regarding the tutorials. You don't know ahead of the time which 3 tutorials should be consecutive. We might need to think of something else, in this case, maybe even a customization. You could use a constraint teacher activity tag max 3 hours consecutive, but this will not guarantee that FET will try to group the 3 of them together.

I think CELCAT is another timetabling package? May I ask why you decided to use FET for generation and then import into CELCAT?


Oh yea, we have someone in an admin department who takes what we have figured out for the year and inputs it into CELCAT. I don't have direct access to that system though, our way of doing things is very convoluted and makes no sense. The problem is that we have to work it out all without clashes, and it can get quite complex. So I am using your very helpful tool to figure it all out and then hand it off to someone else to input into the CELCAT system.

Volker Dirr

I saw the commercial CELCAT software has this features:
1. Interactive & Automated Timetabling
So FET is better in this than CELCAT

2. Room Booking
Not included in FET. I could maybe add this feature into TiTiTo. This is more a feature of a digital class book than a timetabling tool. That is one point why i am a bit too lazy to included it into TiTiTo. In my opinion only useful if it cares about the whole class book.

3. Pay Claim Management
Not included in FET or TiTiTo. This is more a tool of a school administration software. Many schools don't need something like that, since school is for free in many counties/schools, since it is paid by the government. Maybe useful for school trips or similar. But again that is not timetabling. It is more task of an school administration software.

4. Compliant absence notification (including calender)
If i understood correct, then that is what TiTiTo do also.

5. Share with individuals, groups and campus screens
Added in TiTiTo also


I didn't know about TiTiTo. How much does it cost?

Volker Dirr

You can try it for free. see:

Sadly commercial only. Sadly impossible to live from it, it is a big loose from the economic view of the coder(s), since most guys don't want to pay.
That is why I done the price depending on your school size, the needed features and the country of the school. So it will be more fair for the user, even it mean on the other side that the coders are not paid fair.

So far you only need to pay it one time and can use it on as many computers in your school as you want and you can use it without a time limit. All updates so far are also free. It is not like other tools were you need to pay every year.

Just download and test it. If you like it, then just write me your county, school size and needed features of TiTiTo and i make you can offer.

BTW: How much is CELCAT? They didn't wrote it on their home page. I guess also depending on school size and location. I bet you need to pay every year there.


I don't think it is a good deal but I am not privy to how much they pay for it or able to make decisions about what software we purchase. If it were up to me we would go with TiTiTo though!