Suggestion for Statistics of Teachers by Tags

Started by mcsj, March 13, 2010, 08:42:25 PM

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I use FET to timetable not only academic classes, but also extra-curricular ones as well, but I need to be able to see just how many academic classes they are assigned. I would like to be able to quickly get a count of how many teachers are assigned to classes (activities tagged with the tag CLASS, for example), but not include the number of activities of teachers tagged for supervision of extra-mural activities (activities tagged with the tag SPORTS, for example). So I guess I'm asking is it possible to do statistics of teachers by tag e.g. Teacher;Tag1;Tag2;Tag3;Total


Thank you.

Volker Dirr

can you please check this version:

please open your dataset and check the activity planning. i added a new row "tags" in the teachers table. is that what you need?

Volker Dirr

can you also please check this variant:
DELETED, because it is in official source now.

please open your dataset and go to the activity planning again. check the "show tags" checkbox and view the teachers table.

is this better?

i am currently not sure which variant is better.

i think the second one, but i am not 100% sure. so please check both variants.


Hi Volker,

Thanks - this is brilliant! I like the second variant where you could click 'show tags' and it would break the subject into it's tagged form e.g.



1 CSC Meeting
1 MAT Meeting

But I would like to also have the third Tag Row at the bottom which was in Variant 1 because that tells me the TOTAL of the Class, which is useful for teachers teaching many subjects... e.g.

2 Meeting

Is it possible to combine Variant 2 with the third Tag row to show the totals overall?


Liviu Lalescu

I added second variant for now. Please check the snapshots section for the latest snapshot.

I don't like to add also a whole row just for activity tags (because the students don't have this facility and because there is not enough space and because there may be more variants needed and we cannot do all of them - my opinion), but maybe Volker has a better idea.


Hi Liviu,

Thanks. I tried the snapshot but I think I'll keep using then the first variant because what I need is the total of the tags. Perhaps doing it in the activity planning screen isn't necessary (though I don't mind scrolling down to see the third row)... I'd be quite happy if when exporting the statistics it would be possible to select what fields to export and to sum those? Not sure if a PivotTable interface is possible... but if all the raw data is extracted I could use a pivot table in Excel to do it too...

But my problem is solved by using the first variant. The second variant I think gives useful information but it's a trade-off between seeing the useful information and also doing the maths... Since I have a few teachers who teach several subjects and need to produce a report for the Government about how many teaching periods they teach - it makes more sense for me to use the one that gives the totals of the relevant periods. Ideally it would be nice to have a report - or when generating the html to have the x-axis as time, the y-axis as periods, with a column at the end summing by a pre-selected TAG... But for now using the first variant and looking along the x-axis of teachers to see their totals on the computer is good enough. I can just transcribe them into a table.

Thank you - I never expected to get such quick and friendly help.
Matthew Charlesworth.

Volker Dirr

QuoteIdeally it would be nice to have a report - or when generating the html to have the x-axis as time, the y-axis as periods, with a column at the end summing by a pre-selected TAG.

I am not sure if i understood 100%. Can you please explain with an example.

A maybe problem are activities with several tags.
for example if you add an other tag to an activity to set also an other more exact/needful constraint.
so if you answer please also do it with an example of an activity with 2 (or more) activity tags.


Is it possible teacher statistics appear at the end of teacher Timetable?

Volker Dirr

Currently not possible. You need to print a second time.
We will think about it. see: