Freezing results?

Started by gt, September 26, 2021, 08:11:40 PM

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Hello. I noticed that the same FET file generates different timetables every times. I believe it's quite normal.
Sometimes little adjustments are needed but then the new timetables are possibly very different from previous. I know I can lock every single activity but it takes time.
Is there a way to lock all activities in one shot and then unlock just the ones that need adjustments?
In other words I would like to modify just a few activities and then generate exactly the last timetable (except for the new modifications).
Thanks in advance

Liviu Lalescu


You can lock/unlock more activities at once here:

- In timetable view days/time horizontal (multiple selection).
- Save data+timetable as.
- Advanced lock/unlock.

Volker Dirr