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Get Help / Re: Activity setting
April 07, 2024, 03:30:56 PM
You can use the "MAX days between activities" constraint for this.

But you should know this before using it:
- I can't see why it is an advantge to have them consecutive. A day off is sometimes a good idea and normal. Think about weekend or other subjects with less hours. There are also many days between.
- With that constraint you can get very fast an impossible data set. Example: 6 days a week and 2 hours per day. So total 6*2=12 hours per week. Now you have activity 1 with 4 hours per week, activity 2 with 4 hours per week, activity 3 with 3 hours per week and activity 4 with 1 hour per week. So in total also 4+4+3+1=12 hours per week. It is very easy so solve that timetable if you don't add your requested constraint, but it is impossible with your requested constraint. (yes, I know: If you have activity 3 and 4 both with 2 hours, then it is easy solveable and maybe useful.)

So my advise: Think twice before using it.
General Stuff / Re: HTML customization
April 06, 2024, 12:39:33 PM
Go to FET -> Settings -> Timetables -> HTML level

Select at least level 3 and generate a timetable.

Then you can see a line like this in the css file:
tr.teacher, div.teacher {


You can add here a unique color for all teachers.
Get Help / Re: Default opening
April 01, 2024, 09:04:26 AM
Good question. At the moment FET will complain that you should not give any parameter if you start FET in the interface mode. I can't remember why it was coded like that. Shouldn't be too difficult to add that feature.
Get Help / Re: FET Manual - User Guide
March 31, 2024, 12:50:31 PM
Thank you.
In fact i didn't updated it in the last time.
So the disadvantage is, that there are much more new constraint and features in FET right now.
But the advantage is, that the basic stuff is included and that is still up to date.
So i think the current manual is is still fine for a beginner.
Get Help / Re: Standard timetable printable size
March 30, 2024, 08:45:43 PM
Sending by e-mail is easy. In fact you need to press only a single button to send them. So it is much easier and faster then printing on paper.
Get Help / Re: Standard timetable printable size
March 30, 2024, 08:31:13 PM
You can increase the font size.
You limit the number of names in some timetables.

The last years i didn't print the timetables anymore on paper for the teachers.
I sent them the tables by e-mail. So every teacher can zoom his timetable as much as he want on his screen.

You only need to add the teacher e-mails one time into TiTiTo and then you can sent it to them very easy.
I released a new TiTiTo version.

You can download the new version here:
Windows 10 or higher:
MacOS 14 or higher for M1, M2, M3:
MacOS 11 or higher for Intel (or ARM):
Linux 64bit:

8.0.0: - updated to Qt 6.5
8.0.1: - updated to GCC 11.3.0
8.0.2: - add icon if it is the last activity in the room on that day (timetables and substitution tables)
8.0.3: - improved warnings
8.0.4: - last room usage is now configurable
8.0.5: - optional skip marking last room usage, if it is the last hour
8.0.6: - updated the translations
8.0.7: - replaced size() and move() to geometry(). This avoids problems, if the (virtual)-screen is changed
8.0.8: - increased minimum size for some dialogs

8.1.0: - delete, copy and paste supervision
8.1.1: - improved warnings
8.1.2: - added Windows batch files to start with another style
8.1.3: - slightly improved the dark mode (still not perfect, but some words and numbers are not invisible anymore)
8.1.4: - optional don't mark last room usage if it is a supervision activity
8.1.5: - optional don't mark last room usage if it is at a supervision hour
8.1.6: - updated to Qt 6.5.3 (fixed scroll bar for RTL users)

8.2.0: - gp-Untis GPU014 CSV substitution file can be optionally exported (useful for digital class books)
8.2.1: - Untis CSV export can skip supervision
8.2.2: - Untis CSV export can skip export activities without students
8.2.3: - Untis CSV export can split activities with more than 2 students (this is not supported by all 3rd party tools)
8.2.4: - improved dark mode some more by selecting colors in the settings (it's possible to invert colors of drawings now)
8.2.5: - changing the size values in the supervision planing dialog immediately changes the drawing
8.2.6: - 'Publish at Startup' includes now not only the start up of the software, but also the start up of a new day
8.2.7: - updated the translations

8.3.0: - rewrote the printing source
8.3.1: - minor bug fix: The first alternative icon for a last activity won't be overwritten anymore by the current icon
8.3.2: - source clean up (use std::as_const instead of qAsConst)
8.3.3: - Hyperlinks can now be copied and/or opened in an external web browser
8.3.4: - gp-Untis GPU014 CSV file optionaly includes private, general, teachers and/or students comments
8.3.5: - source clean up (using QFileDevice::NoError)
8.3.6: - improved warnings
8.3.7: - small bug fix while saving Untis dialog settings
8.3.8: - bug fix in the teacher statistics (it failed if there were more teachers than subgroups)

8.4.0: - print and export buildings tables
8.4.1: - rooms statistics in TiTiTo -> Statistics -> Rooms Activities
8.4.2: - rooms statistics in TiTiTo -> Timetables -> Export and Print
8.4.3: - source clean up (removed most SIGNAL(stateChanged(int)) )
8.4.4: - export to Willi doesn't crash anymore if there are activities without a subject
8.4.5: - rewrote the move forward algorithm (bug fix if SQL is limited to a max depth of 1000)
8.4.6: - rewrote the view and schedule students dialog (bug fix if SQL is limited to a max depth of 1000)
8.4.7: - rewrote the students ical export (bug fix if SQL is limited to a max depth of 1000)
8.4.8: - improved the validation of the database
8.4.9: - updated the translations

8.5.0: - gp-Untis GPU009 CSV supervision file can be exported
8.5.1: - speed up the tables print dialog
8.5.2: - source clean up (get rid of cassert)
8.5.3: - rewrote the export substitution tables (should be faster now)
8.5.4: - improved GPU014 export

You can add home room constraints for the same room.

So add a students home room constraint for students 10A1, for example room R1.
Then just add a second home room constraint for students 10E and set the same room R1.

Do it similar with 10A2 and 10PS and add 2 home room constraints with an other room R2.

Talk It Up! / Re: iTALC
March 06, 2024, 10:02:32 PM
Just want to tell that is nice tools still exists, but it changed it's name. It is now called Veyon.
The new link is this:
Get Help / Re: Many children in one class
March 06, 2024, 07:09:36 PM
hmm.. Not sure if i understand 100%. Why don't you add both groups into that (sub)-activity if they need to share the same activity?
Get Help / Re: Many children in one class
March 06, 2024, 06:50:02 PM
hmm if i read that correct, then an other variant might be using the automatic split feature like this:

1. division with "EN", "BIO & CHE", "CHE & PHY" and "PHY & CHE"

2. division with "HIS", "LS" and "TS"

And then you can in fact go through the subgroups and delete all subgroups that has "HIS", "LS" or "TS"if they don't have "EN" included.

This is maybe easier, since you only need to delete instead of adding manualy. I guess that will be faster and you will probably do less bugs that way.
Yes and no. In that case you don't have any activities selected. In that case that way is too complicated.
If you didn't add activities yet, then you should do it already while adding the activities.
And if you already have a lot of activities, then it might be faster to use the "modify multible activities at once" feature.
Report a Bug / Re: Incorrect directory name encoding
March 03, 2024, 05:32:32 PM
Yes. Maybe.
How to call that exetuable "uninstall".
Then it just tells you that you need to delete the working directory, the fet directory (but it shouldn't delete it. The human should do it, also because it can't remove itself) and it should ask if the settings should be cleared.
hmm... In fact this is only true for windows. hmm...
Report a Bug / Re: Incorrect directory name encoding
March 03, 2024, 05:20:22 PM
hmm... I think/hope that bug won't happen many times. Qt 5 will be end of life next year.

How about adding an execuatble that do nothing else than clearing the settings (of course it should ask first).

It might help in rare cases or if someone want to uninstall.
Report a Bug / Re: Incorrect directory name encoding
March 03, 2024, 01:31:25 PM
I wonder why there are in fact 2 of that strange directories.
Should be normally only one directory called "fet-results".
Did you replace that name by Cyrillic script? (And please answer Livius questions. They are more important.)