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Hmm... the problem is not solved if we need to take care of all the practical requirements in choko's file. Maybe the problems would be solved by the suggested constraint, ""a set of activities share min common time slots with any of another set of activities" (and maybe in selected time slots)".
Tips and Tricks / Re: FET chooses teachers?
July 22, 2024, 11:54:31 AM
You are welcome!

You can start a new file and FET will ask you to choose a mode out of the 4 available, one of them being Block planning (if you already have a file in another mode, you can go to File -> Mode and change the mode, retaining your data). It is not described in Volker's manual, I think, but you have some examples in the corresponding FET directory and a specialized Help in FET, showing a link also to the forum specialized topic.
Tips and Tricks / Re: FET chooses teachers?
July 22, 2024, 07:23:00 AM

I am not sure I understand exactly the problems of your timetable, but to allocate activities (subject+students set) to a teacher you could use FET in the Block planning mode.
You are welcome! Thank you, too!

I hope I found the problem and improved the file. Probably the constraint suggested by choko and Vangelis is not needed for this case (but it might be useful in other cases).

choko's file is now solvable much faster and easier. I am waiting for his feedback to make sure it is correct.
Report a Bug / Re: Student set is hidden
July 21, 2024, 03:39:06 PM
I am glad. You are welcome! :)
Report a Bug / Re: Student set is hidden
July 21, 2024, 03:34:12 PM

It is a setting. Please go to Settings -> Timetables -> Data to print in timetables, the first tab, and enable Students.
Report a Bug / Re: A room's not available times
July 21, 2024, 11:18:07 AM
Indeed, but each activity has an exact assigned teacher and students set (or none, or more), and also teacher/students set not available is only with 100% weight percentage.

But each activity may have zero, one or more related space constraints with variable weight percentage, and also room not available can have any weight percentage.

So in general many cases may appear.

I will add your suggestion in the TODO.
On Sunday, 21 July 2024, FET-6.22.2 was released. From the ChangeLog:

  - Corrected the main form appearance under older Qt versions.
  - Minor improvement: added an explanation about how the constraints of type students (set)/teacher(s) max room/building changes per week work (suggested by Vũ Ngọc Thành and Volker Dirr).
  - Updated the Italian translation, by Andrea Primiani. It is now complete.
  - Improved the Brazilian Portuguese translation, by Alexandre R. Soares.
  - Corrected the Romanian translation, by Liviu Lalescu (the typos/small errors were found using Ispell / Aspell).

I wish to thank Andrea for his hard work! We have now English, Arabic, Greek, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Romanian complete (well, pt_BR is missing only 2 fields).

Releasing FET takes approximately 3 hours. I took this time in an unusual period today, 6 to 9, because it is a long period of hot weather in Craiova, and during these hours it is a bit better and I can function properly...
Report a Bug / Re: A room's not available times
July 21, 2024, 03:09:56 AM

I am sorry, but I do not understand the problem. Do you mean FET should warn that it is impossible and not begin the generation? It is too complicated to take care of all situations, unfortunately.
Thank you very much for the appreciation and kind words!

I would like to check the bottleneck you are reporting (FET not being able to swap the necessary activities in a short time), but I cannot do anything without your file.

I hope a good selection of space constraints will solve the problem. I could try to help you here, but again I need your file for this.
Hello, choko,

It seems you are a mathematician who has a good grasp of FET? You identified that FET will have difficulties moving activities in this situation. I would have hoped that FET would be clever here. I did my best to avoid cycling.

Maybe you could force FET to place firstly D6..D50 and F6..F50, by using the option 'group activities in the initial order'. You can see the normal order of activities, see what activity is first, and group D6..D50 and F6..F50 with it (so you will have 91 activities in this group activities in the initial order item), or group D6..D50 and F6..F50 with another activity which is near them and before D1..D5 and F1..F5.

Another solution is to use space constraints. Maybe you could share your file with us/me (here/my email) and I'll try to see it.

If you categorically don't want to use space constraints, then Vangelis' suggestion is exactly what you need? It is a nice constraint, but difficult to implement. I am not sure its algorithm of timetable generation is feasible for FET. But, as I said, if we find sponsors for it, I might give it a try. Until then, it is in the TODO list.

I am not sure I'll answer so fast in the next interval, I am preparing a new FET version tonight (very minor changes). But if your problem is urgent, please mention this and I'll see it sooner.
Thank you! It is clear now.
OK, I also added these, but they are difficult.

Could you please explain 2 and 3? I do not understand very well the translation by Google Translate.
French / Français / Re: planning annuel
July 20, 2024, 04:46:22 PM

Je m-excuse, je ne parle pas tres bien le francais.

FET supporte 1000 jour par "semaine", donc vous pouvez ajouter plus de jours. Vous pouvez ajouter contraintes activites temps preferees.

Peut etre vous devez utiliser le mode "Terms" (en englais), s'il vous plait voyer un example dans ce mode et lisez l'aide de ce mode.

Une activite peut avoir pas de salle si vous n'ajoutez pas un contrainte d'espace pour elle.
You can use space constraints (as in my point 2) or, if you don't use space constraints and rooms, a constraint activities occupy max time slots from selection (as in my point 1). FET will consider the constraints while allocating, no need for the user to be worried.