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Started by Marcus, August 01, 2020, 04:49:31 PM

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hi everyone,
I cannot find any documents about the command line version of FET.
I tried to use the "fet --help" to get some text information but I think it would be better if there are some examples.
Maybe I didn't find the correct path of the document.
May anyone of you provide me some help ? thank you very much.

Liviu Lalescu


Documentation: see the README file (open it with text viewer), near the end.

fet-cl --help is the command.


I thought it can be used for adding activities/data/constraints but seems like it is not designed for that part.
Thank you.

Liviu Lalescu

Oh, no, fet-cl gets a .fet XML file (generated by the FET interface or by another means) and runs the generation algorithm on it.