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Started by muhmath2023, August 30, 2022, 04:08:26 PM

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Hi all
Suggestion for new program:
Sometimes the teacher needs this
A random distributor of scores for students based on a fixed sum of the same values so that the values are logical and acceptable
A program to generate integer numbers with a fixed sum, each number has a minimum and an upper limit
For example, we want to generate scores for students with integer numbers by providing the program with a fixed sum of the student's score suggested by the teacher
program generate a,b,c,d every number has max and min with fixed sum s
program export results as excel file

Volker Dirr

hmmm.... Never needed something like that as a teacher (I am over 22 years a teacher now).
Maybe explain more detailed in which situation it is needed.
is it allowed that a = b?
is the upper and lower limit of number a the same limit as for b, or different limits?