Import csv fle using cammand line

Started by Jasjit Kaur, August 13, 2022, 08:58:13 AM

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Jasjit Kaur

why option is not there?
if we wanted to use import csv file using command line then what should we do?

Volker Dirr

I fear such an import won't help much, since you can't import all the other stuff (like constraints, hours per day, ...). So you still need an GUI for that.
If you coded an own GUI, then you should export the data as fet file, not as csv file.


Any other constraint is also there which cannot be imported without hours per day?
if want to import it from command line then what should we do ?

Jasjit Kaur

Yes sir,can you give us hint about it.

Volker Dirr

Please open a .fet-file with an text editor. You should think about using that fet file, since you can do everything there. You can't import all that constraints with a csv file.