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Started by Liviu Lalescu, November 23, 2014, 07:27:36 AM

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Liviu Lalescu

Vanyo Georgiev said he will translate FET into Bulgarian, so he is the official translator.


Thank you Liviu for the announcement in your post!

I created a new repository at: https://github.com/vanyog/FET

There are the changes I did to add to FET a translation in Bulgarian language:

The Bulgarian translation is in the file:

If somebody is interested in writing some documentation in Bulgarian he may write it directly in the wiki:
Signing up to https://github.com/join is needed.

Hope to be helpful.

Liviu Lalescu

You have a typo in the Wiki: "The source code of the project is hire just for the purpose of translation in Bulgarian and to suggest some changes in the code (if any)." - here, not hire.

Thank you! Nice to put a picture near the name  :)

I want to announce you that I started two days ago to improve the rules.cpp file, using newer Qt code instead of the old code which is no longer recommended. I have some working code available, but I will wait some more until releasing the new snapshot (maybe 1 or more days, until I make some code comparisons and tests).

The important information for you is that the Rules section of the translation file will drop about 60 old fields (quite long) and add about 12 new very short ones. So I recommend you to skip this section for now, or ask me to give you the new fields/update your file/give you the new snapshot.

My plan is to release the new version 5.24.0 in maybe 2 weeks or less (or more), I am not sure. What are your plans regarding the translation? To release it partially (with the FetMainForm_template and maybe other fields done), or to wait until it is in the final form?


Sorry, my English is not quite good.

I have no clear plans for my participation in the FET project. Now it is interesting for me to do some work so I do it. And I do it in a way that will give other people the possibility to continue if they want. Today I made a short change in the source code:
and translated e few more strings in Bulgarian. If you like this changes you can merge them into your code.

If you like too, you can register on github.com and I will give you a write access to the repository and you will be able to remove and change all files you want. Just notice that the success of many open source projects is based on the Bazaar model  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cathedral_and_the_Bazaar I wish you to switch on this model and attract more developers to revise and work on the code.

Using of a code repository is very convenient way for many developers to work simultaneously on a project, so I kindly advise  you to establish one for your project and start to commit the changes right after you made them. The good developers do not like to Copy-Paste, or write emails and forum posts, they prefer to get the code of a project and start to browse and work on it.

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you for your contribution. I added it for now as a suggestion in the TODO file (opening last used file at FET startup).

I am sorry if I am reluctant to use these systems.

I plan a new release in 1-2 weeks (see http://lalescu.ro/liviu/fet/forum/index.php?topic=1817.0 ), so I am interested if you would like to add your partial Bulgarian translation to this new version (but only if FetMainForm_template is completely and very carefully translated), or we will wait.


I have one more suggestion for a change of code:

This change makes possible by setting the Working directory of the exe file in QtCreator to test the current translation without copying the .qm file to another directory.

OK I will download the next snapshot you published and I'll try to merge in it my changes.

Liviu Lalescu

I added also this suggestion in the TODO.

Liviu Lalescu

Since it is been more than 6 years, I consider vanyog abandoned the Bulgarian translation.

copycon offered (https://lalescu.ro/liviu/fet/forum/index.php?topic=4768.msg26427;topicseen#msg26427) to translate FET to Bulgarian. So he is now the officially assigned Bulgarian translator.

Liviu Lalescu


I received an offer from Asen Pashov to do the Bulgarian translation. copycon, please let us know if you abandoned. If you don't answer in a month, I need to consider you abandoned.

Liviu Lalescu

Since a month passed, I will assign Asen Pashov as the official Bulgarian translator.

Creator X

Hello! I can help with the Bulgarian translations and continue from here!

Liviu Lalescu

Hello, @Creator X ,

Thank you very much for your kind intention! Asen Pashov told me about two years ago in an email that he cannot continue with the Bulgarian translation for the moment and we did not talk anymore from then, so you will be the officially assigned translator.

I understand that you will continue from the current Bulgarian translation file (as opposed to starting from an empty translation file).

Please read the instructions on how to translate. If you have problems/questions, please ask, and we'll try to answer.