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Started by tinko, April 04, 2008, 10:27:08 PM

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I wounder if there is anyone who is currently translating FET into Kurdish?

Liviu Lalescu

No, nobody is doing that. You can begin work and you will be the assigned translator.

Thank you for your intention. Please read the instructions carefully and respect them.

PS: there is somebody translating into Urdu. But that is different from Kurdish, isn't it?


I'll start translating a soon as possible.  

The Kurdish is different from Urdu and has two wide different scipts. One with Latin script and the other with Arabic script.

I hope I'll manage to translate, with some help from friends, to both scripts.

Liviu Lalescu

That is great news!

I searched the internet. There are some problems with ku language. The link I found is:

It seems that there are 2 main languages, Kurmancî and Soranî . There are no correct standards in this matter, so may I propose you name them like: ku_Kurmanci and ku_Sorani (so, fet_ku_Kurmanci.ts and fet_ku_Sorani.ts). Or maybe ku_KU and ku_SO. This is not standard - standard is for instance pt_BR which is Portuguese from Brazil.

Please let me know your opinion.

Also, how to define the language in a html Kurdish file? Simply "ku", no matter if it is Ku or So?